6th blog … dear sir/madam, my dear wannabee! or batu-bato sa langit!


Photo: pre- noche buena with mamu and dada!

My dear,

I can not but react on the comparison. Had it been that of a third person, I would not have felt the need to say this:    Good day to you, my dear.

I may have not voted nor participated in the last elections  just like you but I never make of another person’s unpopularity as a platform; trample on her personality just to feel good about my own achievements and be justified to “lift my own chair”  so to speak,  just like what you are clearly trying to achieve.

You even used false humility and empathy by saying you may have been on the same boat yet again,  only to shower yourself with praise. Classic.

You are an achiever, so you claimed, however I can sense that you do not have the real heart of a servant. You see, bitterness and the need for public approval is written all over you.  

As I see it, you need to forgive yourself and the people who programmed you into achieving things you may not have really wanted in the first place. That said,  if you are who you claimed you are.

We have read and learned that in the past,  a lot of unpopular and unbelievably average people turned out to be great leaders of a nation.  

Most often, however, we read a lot of brilliant minds who started as bright leaders and ended up squandering the wealth of a nation.  

There are others still who started great and either they were assassinated or have grown into oblivion after they have already done their part in the history of a nation.    

My dear, when you generalize people, referring to your phrase, “when people like you”, — I really pity you, as it shows how immature, close-minded and unaccepting you are.

I guess that you still believe that you need to be constantly reminded that you belong to the cream of the crop and everyone else is below the standards that you live your life up to until this very moment.  

You have not been truly free from the stronghold of expectations set upon you when you were young by people who brought you up and the society they were in.  

I hope to hear someday that you have already been liberated and that you are already your own person.
I pray that you will finally be delivered from this and accept, love yourself as who you are.  

From there, you can begin to have a greater capacity to accept other people as they are for you can only appropriate what you have.

sincerely yours,

just me!


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