… 14th blog, baybayin PI in coin, ang katotohanan!

…..    tagalog baybayin PI in coin,  baryang-barya lang lalo na ang NGA …

a certain guy by the name of pagador  said  “I noticed long before this character (inscribed script) in every coin and found out that its a baybayin character which reads “PI” probably means “Pilipinas/Pilipino”,  and another “character” came in with a comment  “have any idea when it started?”.

he was asking people for documentary but nobody knew.  he said: I have a 1998 5 piso without it but I have a 1 piso from 1996  with it … that was replied, to wit:  ” all i know is that the “pi” character was already put on previous coins as far back in 1990, when 2 peso coins are still under circulation.”

when the first 5 peso coin circulated in 1995, the “pi” character was missing but reappeared in 1996 until now.  

other comments followed such as  “know of any paper money with baybayin other than the ones with KKK flags like the 1940’s bills? …  what i have is a 5 centavos paper bill under the term of pres. magsaysay  …  ok i’ll try to scan and prepare the most possible image i can get from it. where can i send it to?”  T

then someone logged in and said  “It may also mean “piso”? It would make sense since it’s on the piso! … and another with “I think it would be a good idea for the Philippines to adopt a new peso/piso symbol based on Baybayin.

India just adopted a new rupee symbol based partly on Devanagari R and it’s gradually being brought into use and encoded in Unicode so it can be used without confusion in print all over the world. 

then, another guy commented  “Sa tingin ko ang kahulugan ng “Pi” ay “Pilipinas”  followed by someone saying  ” check nyo lahat ng coins natin frm 10 peso coin to 5 cents coin makikita nyo lahat may baybayin character na PI.”

knowing that “Pilipinas” is not contemporary to the subject baybayin “Pi”,  and that the word “pilipinas” is definitely without doubt a modern concoction,  parasapinga was taken aback by the preceding comments prompting him to provide his valuable cent and say his picayune piece of gold for whatever it is worth.

“ang  PI  ay isa lang sa dalawang titik ng sinaunang baybaying tagalog … hanapin pa ninyo ang kabahagi nito sa ating mga barya”.

ang “pi” sa pera ng mga magdiwang na taga-ilog ay isang kabiyak na lihim ng isang kabihasnan kinalimutan ng tadhana’t panahon  na muling lilitaw … uusbong muli!

For people to claim that the letter PI originates from PILIPINAS or even PISO smacks the lowest ignorance ever possible in rewriting a certain authentic history based on their inadequate knowledge.

parasapinga cryptic pronouncements are based on truth of the graves of their pinga ancestors  …

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