41st blog … turquoise trail of parasapinga

Driving the Turquoise Trail

 Beginning Your Drive on the Turquoise Trail – Santa Fe
Map of the Turquoise Trail

The Turquoise Trail is a scenic highway linking Albuquerque and Santa Fe through rolling hills with mountain views and quaint historic mining towns.

The Trail begins to the South in Tijeras and the Cibola National Forest, then heads north through Cedar Crest, Sandia Park, Edgewood, Golden, Madrid, and Cerrillos, before ending in the San Marcos/Lone Butte Area.

There were no gas stations along the rural part of the trail.

We stopped in Madrid to eat and rest while we savored ourselves with scenic views of the old mining towns.

Memorable short stay yet we listened to the songs of an american cowboy in one of the nearby restaurants with the hulking riders of big motorbikes adorned by turquoise memories.

.Actually, we started the trail from Albuquerque and ended in Santa Fe, hehehe!

 Parasapinga with Mamu was definitely satisfied with melvin, jill, julia and jovy, while isabella was still nowhere to be found.

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