50th blog ….. parasapinga of maxene in pmc, then e.nopi v/s galileo and kumon

Photo: pre- noche buena with mamu and dada!

pmc in a nutshell …. 

founder and directress of the Philippine Montessori Center obtained her Master of Arts Degree in Developmental Psychology in 1964 at Teacher’s College, Columbia University, as a Fullbright-Hays grantee in Education and Montessori Primary Diplomas from the American Montessori Society and the Association of Montessori Internationale …

recipient of a grant from the Dolman-Delacato method of Neurological Organization for Brain-injured Children at the Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential in Philadelphia   … also became a researcher at the Institute for Developmental Studies at the New York Medical College  …

was a Montessori teacher at the Montessori Children’s House of Norriston Area, US. and opened a small, one-classroom school in White Plains Subdivision  with only 4 students …

and added 4 buildings that house around 10 classes, extensive well groomed gardens and playground space, a library, and indoor and outdoor music rooms and an auditorium …

and opened Mithing Pangarap Educational Foundation, Inc.,(MPEFI) in Smokey Mountain, Tondo.

The Philippine Montessori Center opened the Toddler Program for children from around 1 to roughly 2 ½ years old under a directress who is such a child at heart …  warm, bright and sparkly yet objectively balanced and wise in her administrative functions and decisions …

finished the Montessori Insitute Assistants to Infancy Training Course (ages 0-3) as well as the Primary Diploma of the Association Montessori Internationale (for ages 21/2 to 6) at The Montessori Institute of Denver, Colorado in partnership with Loyola College, Maryland, USA  …

affiliated with Temple Hill International School  in the quiet suburb of Village East, Cainta.

The PMC story with maxene pinga around continues the future pages that look more brilliant with each passing year with e.nopi v/s galileo and kumon?



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