55th blog … pinga is a buddhist in vietnam


Hello Pinga Lama, My name is Moona. My husband Dominique got me involved with Vajrayana Buddhism in Adelaide. But more recentl we have been engaged with a Zen Buddhist community.

Currently we are in Germany. Just yesterday I went to a Japanese Zen meditation. Japanese Zen is quite big here in Bremen.

Anyhow, I thought to say hello, since you live in Australia. We will be back in Adelaide in December.
Welcome on Engaged Buddhists and feel free to write back.

Welcome Pinga Lama. Glad you’re here, and looking forward to future conversations.

Moona Perrotin said … Hello Pinga Lama, Nice to hear from you! Do you know the Adelaide Zen Centre? No, I don`t go there, only to Upeksa Village and to events with visiting Tibetan Lamas, as Lama Choedak Rinpoche is my root guru, which means I took refuge at that White Tara retreat.

What we did there was listening to explanations and teachings and practicing the sadhana of the White Tara, a 1,5 hour meditation with chanting and visualization non-stop for 3 days.

The setting in the Australian Bush (before it burned!) in 40 degree heat was amazing.

Three days of White Tara practice with 60 people under those conditions, if you don’t get it then, I guess you won’t, but I did! 

About my sites, I will look into NING to see whether I can make it more interactive.

Yes, I like Flash, but my husband wants a site for his painting and decorating business, I think I should stick to html for that, not everyone has flash player. Until next time.

Moona Perrotin said … Hi again, About Vietnam, yes it was such a new experience! We had friends in HCMC who introduced us to that mad city of motorcycles and through Thay we had an invitation to go to the Truc Lam monastery in DaLat.

Because it was a high festive day we only talked with a visiting American monk but we also had a brief meeting with the lama who had visited Adelaide.

Are you planning to go to Vietnam? Life is very cheap there, about a 10th of the prices in Australia. Bananas and pineapples a 100th of the Australian price!

Hello Pingalama, yes, you are right, a personal experience.

I believe in the brain being our tool of experience and under pressure with high directed input one can attain the enlightenment experience: of one’s consciousness residing momentarily on the hippocampus or the link between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. 

The experience is one of great joy, sometimes profound insight into the interconnected nature of the universe and is deeply emotional.

We are coming back via Vietnam, Hanoi in November.

Dearest Pinga Lama,I’m not sure what movie I’ll show, either ‘through the eastern gate’ a film about a sufi, me and a girl doing yoga or ‘life beyond the begging bowl’ about buddhist monastics and the trials and tribulations they face.

Best wishes, Sr Yeshe

Hi Pinga Lama, That’s great that you visited Upeksa Village and I would have loved to meet you. Has Thay told you about the recent health issue with my husband?

Well, we were contemplating imminent death and Dominique came to the resolution that he would like to go on retreat if he gets better.

Possibly in Vietnam at the new Truc Lam Monastery. It is a wonderful setting and for his benefit there is a French speaking monk there.

What has kept you away from this site for so long? I hope it was deep insight, marvelous meditation and not something as profane as working full time and looking after sick family.

Hi, Pinga, thanks for the message from Upeksa Village.

Dominique is finding it hard, especially, that he hasn’t got the energy he is used to. He just heard from the specialist that he will have to keep seeing him every 6 month for five years, virtually tying us down in Cairns.

I took this as a very good sign, at least the doctor thinks he will live for another 5 years at least. And in between we can still come back to S.A.

I got a book by Thich Nath Hanh from the library and am surprised to find that Thich Than Tu was a teacher of T.N. H. and there when they built their monastery.

Emotionally I am a little stretched at this time, not much peace for meditation, so it is really good to have some uplifting messages from friends on the Internet.

Dharma Blessings to you and all at Upeksa Village if you happen to see them again.

Hi Pinga, glad to hear that you visited Upeksa Village. My name is Shane, (Giac Dinh) and I attend the temple fortnightly.

I might’ve missed you that weekend. Over Christmas, I might go there on Wednesdays.

PINGA, the Socially Engaged Buddhists!


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