64th blog … pinga parasapinga, the stonesteel sa agawan ng pulo!

Jay Batongbacal‘s post   …
… has seen the video of the operation of the PCG against the Taiwanese vessel, and is outraged that this government, after sending the ill-equipped PCG  on a vessel designed for coastal patrols to a dangerous mission in the open seas, …
would now consider filing charges against our own crew of coastal patrol boat MCS-3001 for carrying to the best of the abilities with what little they had in attempting to enforce the law against a vessel that for all practical intents and purposes, looked, behaved, and escaped like an outlaw.
I am appalled that this government will treat the BFAR/PCG personnel involved like common criminals for carrying out their duties.

“We will protect Philippine territory,” said PNoy at yesterday’s independence day speech; apparently he did not say the qualifying phrase, that he will do it “as long as we don’t hurt anyone.”

OMG, if you want to enforce the laws and protect national sovereignty, you better have the BALLS to cause injury. Otherwise it is all just empty talk. So what now, with all this modernization talk, will you tell the military “We’ll get you modern weapons and equipment … but don’t use it because you might hurt somebody.”

We do not need an external threat to our national sovereignty. The DOJ has established the threat well enough on its own. I think that putting the NBI to make recommendations about a maritime enforcement operation is like asking a traffic enforcer to investigate an air crash.

Now they will send out the message to all maritime law enforcement agencies, “anytime some foreigner gets hurt/killed, we’ll drop you like a hot potato and file cases against you.”

And they will send the Taiwanese (Chinese, Vietnamese, and every other country that wants to fish) the clear message that they can go ahead and continue stealing our fish, because anyway the Philippine government will punish its own law enforcers if anyone gets hurt/killed.

Sorry for the rant. Was interviewed again this early morning on UNTV. I just don’t know why this government is constantly in a state of doublespeaking about national territory: saying one thing, but doing everything completely opposite.

We’ve lost Scarborough Shoal to China, delivered Sabah to Malaysia, are now about to give up our marine resources up to the coast of Cagayan to Taiwan, because of this.

All the while saying the Philippines is protecting its national territory. Can we expect anything less about the West Philippine Sea from now on, starting with Ayungin Shoal and Reed Bank?

Puwede ba, let’s just drop the pretense and have a garage sale of the national territory! At least we don’t have to lie to ourseves and our people, and put up with all this crap. At least we won’t have to keep pretending.

Sure, maybe it is a political decision, but why do you now have to give it the veneer of legalism, and in the process undermine national defense, security, and law enforcement?

What military/PCG/PNP commander will now do when they encounter illegal operations at our maritime borders, scream like monkeys?

I sympathise with the Taiwanese fisherman’s death, don’t mistake me for being a right-wing war hawk. I am even willing to consider payment of compensation for the death. But I am not willing to concede that we have no right to take action to protect ourselves and our resources.

Injury and death is part and parcel of burden and responsibility of command, of law enforcement, of territorial security and defense. If we can’t own up to that heavy responsibility, we should just throw in the towel and not have to act so ridiculous”.


2 thoughts on “64th blog … pinga parasapinga, the stonesteel sa agawan ng pulo!

  1. noong mga panahon ng mga mandirigmang tagalog, bahag ang buntot ng mga dayuhang nakapaligid sa ating mga pulo dahil tayong lahat ay mga mamamayang magiting … pero ngayong patuloy pang nagpapasasa sa trono ng bansang pinangalanan nilang felipinas daw, ang mga angkan ng may haluang dugo na napakalantay, wala talagang mangyayari, wala!

  2. … taong bakal si klark, taong bakal si kal el ! anak pala ni joel! … errr jorel pala! hehehehe!
    pero mukhang dirinkaya nina kal-el, jor-el, klark, pati ni taong-bakal, isama pa si parasapinga, ang turuan silang lahat, kaya i-viber nlang, i-viber nlang! hehehe!

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