71st balabag ni parasapinga! … get rid of the dark ages!

Get Rid of The Dark Ages!
Rename Commonwealth Avenue to …

Elections are the reasons of the politicians’ desire to please the inc and promote more divisiveness.

Politicians want to change commonwealth avenue to  felix manalo avenue.

And of course, religious leaders at the the other sides shall object while catholics are pointing out the three “major” catholic churches dominating names such as St. Peter Parish; Kristong Hari Parish and Sto. Nino de Leyte Shrine all situated along the avenue.

Again and again,  the politicians shall resurrect their selfish idea after seeing the massive turnout of inc members at the death of felix, but this time to rename the commonwealth as erano manalo.

Politicians  never tire just like religious fanatics.  Pleasing the inc could be politically rewarding, but offending the catholic church is political suicide.

When the Tydings-McDuffie Act, the Philippine Independence act was approved in 1934, a 10-year transition period to Philippine independence from the U.S. was as if defined.

The transition period was called Commonwealth of the Philippines.

Quezon was the first president  from years 1935-1944.  Elpidio Quirino was the last vice president in 1946.  He was elected again as vice president under Manuel Roxas at the start of the Philippine Republic.  In 1948 Quirino became President.

Thus, the colonial mentality was cemented in the mind of every citizen which was started during the spanish times.

The separate islands of Luzon, visayas and mindanao were formally administered as a one country by such government in cognizant with the vision of the spanish and american colonial governments and aguinaldo’s magdalo.

Republika ng Katagalugan of Bonifacio, Diwa, Jacinto, Geronimo, Sakay et al of the Magdiwang advocates was gone.

Another city was created during the commonwealth period that replaced the city of Manila that was created by the spaniards as the Capital of the Philippines, was eventually named as Quezon City, to venerate of course the mixed origin of the race origin of manuel.

The ancient tagalog names such as Mabunga, Kalilaya, Kumintang, Kabikulan and Iloko were gradually sent to the back burners of our minds to forget the very authentic historical origins.

He who does not know how to look back to where he came from can never reach where it wants to go to.

Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay hindi makakarating sa kanyang paroroonan, kaya naman, lingon ng lingon ang mga taong simbahan pero iba-iba ang kanilang nakikita.

Ang masakit pa nito,  ang kababawan ng kanilang pananaw, lalo na ang mga pulitikong nagdudunung-dunungan,  ang palaging namamayani.  Pinagpapalitan nila ang ating mga katutubong pangalan.

Kung paano at bakit naging commonwealth ang naturang lugar ay hindi nila nalaman o inugatan.  Heto pa ang mga mababaw na komento ng mga mamamayang hungkag sa totoong kaalaman:

“Naiintindihan ko naman ang paring yan, pero ang hindi niya naiintindihan na napakaraming kalsada at yung iba ay bayan pa mismo na ipinangalan sa mga santo at santa ng Iglesia katolika (hindi pa nga Filipino ang mga ito) na hindi naman kami nagrereklamo.”

“Eh di ibalik na rin ang dating pangalan ng Quezon City wildlife na ginawang Ninoy Aquino Wildlife Park.
Siyempre ang nakikita nila dito ay Pulitika at hindi yung malaking nagawa ng Ka Erdy sa Sambayanang Filipino.

Pero sa totoo lang hindi namin kailanman hiniling ang ganyan, hindi style ng mga INC ang mga panlupa na karangalan. Ng marinig nga namin yan marami sa mga kapatiran ang nagsabi na hindi na kailangan dahil may kulay pulitika na naman ang ganyan panukala … ”

“It was the Catholic Church that formed the Philippine nation. The religious missionaries organized our ancestors into towns and cities. This is why you will notice that most towns have a church and a town hall in front of a plaza.

Since the missionaries are the ones who founded these places, then they have the right to name them or put them under the patronage of a saint. The maker names what he makes. Before the INC came to be, there was already the Catholic Church.”…

“If the INC constructed the Commonwealth Avenue, then INC has a right to name it according to an INC minister. So I say: build your own roads and name them as you please.”

“Hindi style ng INC ang mga panlupang karangalan ….Ow c’mon you must be joking. If that is true then why you have erected a monument of Felix Manalo in Taguig? vMoreover, why not your ministers give their vocal opposition to proposal. This is hypocrisy to the highest level.

Please stop saying unfavorable remarks about Iglesia ni Cristo. We (INC) did not ask any government official to name any roads in our favor.” …

“If a councilor suggested that to the Quezon City council,  it was his prerogative. Take note that he is a Catholic Church member. Thus, to any opposing party about his proposal talk to him to retract his proposal. All Councilors of Quezon City were also Catholic.

Tell them to proposed a Cardinal Sin Avenue. We will not oppose.   So, please stop your hypocrisy to the highest level because of envy!” …

“What I stated is not from envy, you know. The ministers are indeed “hypocrites to the highest level”. You asked us saying unfavorable remarks about the INC when your ministers are continuously saying unfavorable remarks against the true Church of Christ (Catholic) using propagandas to suit their objectives.” …

“So what if he is a Catholic. The move has a color of politics involve. He did this on a pretense that he can obtain solid votes from the INC during 2010 elections if he plans to run again … ”

“How sure are you that INC did not ask any government official any favors which includes naming of roads? It is easy to say we did not because it is the press release of your ministers … ”

“Sa inyo na yang COMMONWEALTH AVENUE…kahit na ipangalan niyo pa sa santo okay lang… paki namin jan sa kalsadang yan……

kulang na nga lang pati mga motel taz bar house ipanglan sa mga santo eh….
Wag nga kayong inggetero, eh gusto nga nilang palitan ang name eh…… HININGI BA NG INC un????///?////??” …

“I still do not understand why most of the catholics reaction to what the success on what INC achieve always have a negative comments and they always oppose it. WWWHHHHHHY???????? … ”

“So dont blame me if what i think a reason to this is because of a great envy… INC again, do not have any importance to it, about the road? about the holiday that the government dictates?

Again, what i think about the reason why other politician wants to rename it is because of the great contibution of Ka erdy in the philippines, where the INC all started. SO whats wrong if they want the INC to again give a recognition? … ”

“Yes. i agree to you, maybe the history of its road will be change BUT why then other happenings like this is just OKAY for catholics? like changing main roads for exam. to noynoy aquino, and etc? But if the INC gets involved in here, oh no, its a different talk to this … ”

“I am generally opposed to road-renaming, in general, because it is a form of arrogance and tyranny, especially if the names were already in use for several decades and has become part of our history.

This is the reason why I also wrote here on this blog my opposition to the renaming of EDSA to Cory Aquino Avenue and the Bayani road to MRT (Marichu R. Tinga) Avenue … ”

“The better option is to let INC make the roads and name them as INC wishes it to be. But if taxpayer’s money are used to make the roads, and majority of the taxpayers are Catholics, the Catholics can voice their opposition to the naming and renaming of roads.

If the essence of democracy is popular will, then politicians should do well to consider the will of the majority.”

“ah, ok. well i respect your opinion. because that is your own opinion about that topic. But i just want to say that be open minded to what is the purpose or reason why that thing is needed. Not focus yourself to what you are only believing…

every THING has its own purpose, for example, us, why do god created us? something like that… ^_^ So, the thing is, also do not mix your belief especially your source is mr. in defense of the church that we all know attacks the INC itself… again, do not let your belief influence your opinion, thats all.

“what you wrote goes back to you. The history of INC really shows that it wants to debunk the Catholic Church. In your shows, in your magazines, all your topics are anti-thesis of the Catholic Church. In actuality, the INC is paralleling itself against the CC … ”

“Catholic defenders are up on their toes against you simply because of the errors and lies that your ministers perpetuates against the CC. The fallacies of your ministers in order to support their propaganda is very appalling and there are people who are not knowledgeable about their faith falls in their trap.”

“ok i will again respect your opinion… But what history are you talking about? Do INC debunking the CC? or just exposing the truth behind the doctrines of the CC? … ”

“We have diff. views in life, like INC, have diff. lets say doctrines if compared to the mainstream of christianity. But what INC’s exposes in your said shows and magazines is just what they/we believe thats why they oppose on it… and its normal… like arguing because INC have diff. belief to what CC believe… or MCGI vs. CC belief, LDS vs. Seventh day and etc……. ”

“and please do not make accusation that is only based on your opinion that is not a fact.. what kind of fallacies are you talking about? ok. never mind. it will be a long debate for this.^_^ that is off the topic.”  …..



Ang salitang ingles na commonwealth ay hango sa dalawang salita: “common” at “wealth”.

Sa tagalog, ang tiyak na kahulugan nito ay yaman para sa lahat ng mga karaniwang tao, yaman ng mahirap at mayaman, yaman ng lahat ng mamamayan, at dahil ang pook na tinuran at tinutukoy ay nasa katagalugan, natural na ang ibig sabihin ng “commonwealth” ay yaman ng mga tagalog …

Alam na alam ng mga matatandang pamunuan ng simbahan at sambahan ang salitang tagalog na payatas.

Alam din nila na noong unang panahon na wala pa ang mga kastilang mananakop ay ang pamamahalaang katutubo ang namamayani sa mga bayan ng kamaynilaan gayundin sa mga katutubong lalawigan.

Alam din nila na ang kahulugan ng maginoo, mandirigma at timawa, ang mga katungkulan ng mga gat at dayang, at alam din nila na wala pa ni sa hinagap ng mga tagalog ang mga katagang katoliko, iglesia at kristo sa kanilang bokabularyo …

hindi rin nila ginagamit ang pananalig o pananampalataya kina buda at mohoma ng mga taga-bayong dagat dahil talos ang kanya-kanyang paniwala ng mga tao …

alam na alam nila na ang kahulugan ng salitang payatas ay pangako, at alam din nila kung sino ang gumawa ng naturang pangako, kung kanino ipinangako …

pero, alam din kaya nila  na ang ina ng ginawang presidente kuno ng united nations ay mula sa maginoong angkan ng mga tagalog para tuluyang mapagtibay ang pag-angkin ng pamahalaang commonwealth sa lupaing ipinangako para sa timawang mamamayan? …

alam din kaya nila na lahat ng mga nanungkuluang presidente ay mula sa mga angkan ng mga haluang dugo na sina aguinaldo at quezon hanggang kina aquino-cojuangco, kasama na si erap na ang ina ay maginoo na nagmula sa angkang tagalog na nagtago sa ibang apelyido kagaya ni penyang kinausap ng mga dayuhang banyaga upang hindi matunton ang totoong pinagmulan ng lupaing payatas? …

magdibate na lang kayo tungkol sa reliyon, at ako ay manonood … tulad ng panonood ng aming mga ninuno sa awayan kunwari ng mga heswita, franciscan at agustinian pero ang talagang pinag-aagawan ay ang mga lupain ng mga katutubong tagalog na hinaluan ng pagkamkam ng mga pulitikong sakim sa yaman ng mga mamamayan.


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