87th blbg … buhanging itim ni pinga … parasapinga …

Luzon is helpless against black sand mining —

Miners continue to extract black golds from Luzon, exporting the commodity out of the country.

Luzon and all its inhabitants are at risk and the philippine president, his very own family families and clans are very much aware of this impending disaster.

The people in the highest echelon can very well secure their own safety by simply flying out of the country to live in the majesty of their coveted golds.

The government itself knows that the activities of these miners make the whole island vulnerable to wind and water erosion.

Black sand contains iron and metallic minerals for making steel and our island of Luzon is a prime source.

Why and how the mining of our black sands are so far unrestricted, ask the cojuancos/aquinos or the constitution of the Philippines and anyone in the know to get the right answer.

History repeats itself, as the saying goes. The Magdalo of Aguinaldo and Quezon, who were gremios de mestizos from china are coming back, very similar to McArthur’s i shall return.

Residents have been experiencing  gradual caving-ins  particularly in coastal areas.  Common occurence of coastal erosions of up to 100 meters from the beaches is almost unnoticed but real.

Letters and petitions were already sent to President Benigno Aquino III to put a stop to the illegal activity, yet, “nothing is happening”.

Lesser officers of the government do not know how to stop this. No response from Malacanang which is the dispenser of graces for politicians and local officials.

It seems or better yet, it is obvious that the sympathy and loyalty of the government lean weigh heavily in favor of the roots of the clan which is the ruler of this country.

The ancestry of cory, noynoy, kris and the rest of their clan  is no doubt, chinese, to which cory herself returned during the first days of her presidency;

and for that reason alone, the former president who came to power after marcos, showed firm loyalty to her roots at the beginning of her reign in manila.

Reports have been going on that illegal extraction of black sand along the rivers and beaches of Ilocos Region has been going on since 1908.

One taiwanese-owned well resource mining company has been reported to be in operation in that area of luzon. Other unidentified chinese sea vessels were also seen in the tv news doing the same thing.

Naibenta o naisanla na ba ang pulo ng ginto? Dapat ba na maghanda sa pag-aabang ng susunod na gunaw na ihahataw ng kalikasan!?!


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