114th blog … sa bulalo ng mga pinga sa kahariang mabunga

ayon sa akin, ang ating mga katutubong katalunan at babailang na naging mga albularyo ang nakita, dinatnan at nakasalamuha ng mga banyagang dayuhan sa pulo ng ginto noong mga unang panahon …

nagtaka silang mga dumating kung bakit malulusog ang mga tao dito sa ating pulo, masasaya at mahahaba ang buhay  …

at natuklasan nila ang mga halamang-gamot na saganang-sagana sa ating mga ilog, bundok, gubat, kalawaan at karagatan …

kinopya nila ang ating mga ginagawa, inilipat nila sa kanilang mga librong pang medisina, ginawan nila ng mga salitang yuropa ang mga pangalan ng ating mga katutubong gamot  …

kaya lang, dahilan sa kanilang mga baluktot na dila at isipang malaswa, nagkaiba-iba na ang kanilang mga pahayag na pinag-aralan at isinaulo naman ng mga bagong duktor …

kaya nga nagkaroon ng mga salitang carbohydrates, cholesterol at saturated fat para sa ating simpleng taba na ngayon ay kilalang-kilala na bilang “pork nina aquino-cojuangco”  ….

at kung anu-ano pang kabulastugang mga salita sa diksyunaryo nila na bumabaligtad kadalasan sa mga pamamaraang katutubo ng ating mga katalunan at babailang …

ang simpleng bulalo ay nagkaroon ng  bagong pangalang stem cell kaya tuluyang nagkabaligtaran ang mga kaalaman, naging conundrum na lamang ang lahat o mga bugtong na walang tiyak na kasagutan at naging walang katapusang ikot at inog ng ating mga mundo  …

naging talamak ang pagkain ng sausages, butter, ham, margarine,  bacon, red meat, whole milk at iba pang mga dairy products na ang taglay na sangkap ay mga kalawang …

ipinagbawal ang paninigarilyo dahil bawal daw sa baga, hindi nila binabanggit ang dahilang nababahuan lamang sila sa amoy ng tabako …

at siniraan nila ang ang libangang ngumata ng nganga pero nila binanggit ang tunay na dahilan na nalalaswaan sila sa mapulang dura at maging sa balut ng mga tagalog …

ipinalit nila ang mga junk foods at may nagsabi pang ang paggawa ng balut hindi sa katagalugan nagmula  …  kaya naging happy sila, hahaha!

“Bulalo a Day to Keep Ailments away” …  does a doctor of medicine (MD) who prescribes regular dinner of bulalo (bone marrow soup) as cure for cancer, among other killer diseases, deserve to be taken seriously?

Such is the conundrum that confronts a patient when he or she consults for the first time Dr. Robin Buhain Navarro, an expert in the field of cellular biochemical medicine, regarded as a miracle worker by some and a dangerous fraud by others.

“Cancer is not the end of the world,” Navarro would tell 50 or so people – mostly senior citizens, probably ailing and desperate for a cure – who attend his weekly seminar at his “Wellness and Rejuvenation Center” on Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City.

A skim of Navarro’s four-page treatment protocol for a patient afflicted with Guillain-Barré syndrome (a nervous system disorder) bares a smorgasbord of references to the doctor’s unique brand of nutritional management (the treatment protocol obtained by the Manila Bulletin appeared to be a template for other ailments).

In fact, over three pages of it is devoted to food: which is safe to eat, which should be avoided, what to use in cooking or preparing food, what to have for the three meals of the day and the snacks in between, when to eat, etc.

It even contains a recipe for kilawing atay ng baka (beef liver ceviche). “Eat at least 1/3 cup every meal,” the doctor orders via his very detailed treatment protocol.

“For breakfast, you may prepare an egg omelet (using fertilized eggs) with onions and tomatoes. For lunch, you may cook the fish (only fish with fins and scales) in a little rice water with onions and ginger then put sayote or papaya and malunggay or sili leaves.

For dinner, cook bulalo in water with salt to taste, pepper corn, onions and garlic then when tender, add plenty of vegetables.”

As a cooking tip, Navarro said that only butter or coconut oil should be used in frying or sautéing. His suggested diet involves the consumption of at least four eggs a day, although patients under his care have attested to eating eight or more eggs a day.

Bulalo, butter, eggs. All of these are cholesterol-rich foods, and this 66-year-old doctor is basically asking people to gorge on them. With this diet, he has addressed cases of Guillain-Barré and other illnesses that are hard to pronounce and are even harder to treat or cure.

“The fear of cholesterol is blinding doctors today from the reality. The benefit of the foods rich in cholesterol cannot be attained if you are afraid of cholesterol,” declared Navarro, who has been dubbed by local media as “Doctor Bulalo”, sometimes as “Doctor Baligtad,” since his nutritional beliefs are opposite that of his contemporaries).

Putting it simply, Navarro, a Far Eastern University graduate and University of Oxford doctoral degree-holder, wants his patients of varying diagnoses to adopt the French diet if they are to expect any improvement in their condition.

“What I teach is more on French diet, which is high fat, high cholesterol and low carbohydrates. This is opposed to American diet which is high carbohydrates, low fat, low cholesterol,” he said.

“There is no such thing as bad cholesterol.”

How does it work?

Navarro’s form of treatment dubbed “Rapid Cellular Balancing” (RCB) has cured ailments and conditions like advance stages of cancer, multiple sclerosis, stroke, heart diseases, Hepatitis B, renal failure, neuropathies and myopathies, just to name a few.

RCB, Navarro said, combines the findings of Doctors Wilhelm Schuessler, Otto Warburg, and Hans Krebs of Germany in promoting “cellular respiration” through the intake of major and trace minerals in conjunction with his rather unconventional diet.

He also borrows heavily on the ideas on Anthony Colpo, author of such shocking reads on health as The Great Cholesterol Con. “According to (Colpo), the teaching that there is bad cholesterol is a bad science,” Navarro said.

Navarro prods the body to heal itself, and food plays an integral part. Take his favorite bulalo, for example. “Bulalo is stem cell that you can eat,” he said.

“Bulalo contains alkyl glycerol which can kill cancer. It can reverse leukemia. Also, it contains endothelial progenitor cells. It has many nutrients,” explained Navarro, who last August was elected president of the Philippine College for the Advancement of Medicine (PCAM), succeeding former Health Secretary Dr. Jaime Galvez Tan.

“RCB is a stem cell enhancer. There can be no repair without stem cell,” Dr. Bulalo said, adding that his treatment – first developed in 1995 – ultimately aims to revert the body’s own regenerative faculties to its strength during our childhood.

Navarro likewise underscored the importance of eggs in all of his patients’ diet, calling it the food with the “highest biological value.”

“Egg is highest in glutathione, highest in carotenoids. Four hundred (400) carotenoids can be found in the egg yolk. You can’t fight diseases without egg. Just because the yolk contains cholesterol, everybody is afraid of (eating) egg,” he said.

“Medical science will find this hard to believe but I have all the journals to back up what I’m talking about.” , ayon sa isang Liezle Basa

Second Opinion naman ni Dr. Isadore Rosenfield

It’s OK To Eat Eggs—Enjoy!

For more than 30 years, I’ve been telling my heart patients—and anyone who was vulnerable to cardiac disease and hardening of the arteries—to avoid eating eggs. In so doing, I was following the advice of the medical establishment and nutritional scientists.

Their logic was that, since the plaques that narrow arteries in the heart, brain and elsewhere contain cholesterol, it made sense to avoid cholesterol-rich foods. One egg contains 212mg of cholesterol. That’s a lot—especially considering that the daily upper limit of cholesterol consumption is just 300mg a day.

However, now we’ve learned that the cholesterol we eat has very little effect on its level in the blood. What’s more important is how much saturated fats and trans-fatty acids we consume. Eggs  have taken a bad rap because of the other foods people eat with them, such as sausages, ham, butter and margarine. So doctors are rethinking their advice about not eating eggs.  

Recent data obtained from long-term studies of dietary habits in more than 100,000 men and women have shown that one egg a day has no effect on the future development of cardiovascular disease in healthy men and women.

Here’s what I tell my patients: If you are healthy and your cholesterol level is normal, eat as many eggs as you like. However, reduce your intake of saturated fats (bacon, red meat, whole milk and other dairy products) and avoid the trans-fatty acids in junk foods, fried foods and potato chips. Eggs are one of the healthiest foods you can eat.

….. at eto naman ang opinyon ni parasapinga sa bulaluhan:

Pansinin nyo, stem cell ngayon ang in … dati rati wala yan sa isip ng mga duktor na ang alam ay ang mga bawal na kanilang natutunan sa kanilang medisina  … noon, walang bawal-bawal  …

ang bawal lang sa mamamayang taga-ilog ay iyong sobra dahil ang lahat ng labis ay masama  na talaga namang tama, kelangan palaging balanse, magkatimbang …

ang meron lang noong una ay iyong inunan ng  o plasenta na may karugtong na pusod ng  bagong sanggol … itanong nyo sa inyong mga sarili, bakit noong unang panahon, mahalagang ingatan ang inunan, itinatabi ng mga ina  …

at iba naman, ibinabaon sa lupa  …  may kasabihan pa na anumang tanim o halamang itusok sa lupa na may inunan, tiyak lulusog, lalago, lalakas …

pero pagkalipas ng mga panahon, ng dumating ang panibagong karunungan daw kaalinsabay ang mga duktor ng kanluran, halos lahat ng mga bagay na kinakain, iniinom o ipinapahid ng mga katutubong tagalog ay ipinagbawal … kailangan daw sundin ang kanilang pamamaraan upang humaba ang buhay, sa kapakanan diumano ng lahat  …

at ngayon, sa kasalukuyang panahon, naglipana na ang lahat ng mga uri ng sakit, magmula sa ubo hanggang sa pagtatae, pag-iiti, pagkasira ng atay, puso, baga, sakit ng mga kasukasuan, pagkabulok ng utak at sira ng balat, at kung anu-ano pa …

di kaya resulta ito ng mga maraming gamot na ginawa, binalot sa palara, isinilid sa  mga boteng bubog o plastik na lalagyan o kaya ay itinusok sa balat at ugat upang ang mga may sakit ay gumaling agad? hindi kaya?!?

hindi kaya ito ang mga kalawang na nagdaragdag ng kabulukan ng  isip at katawan na naging simula ng mga karamdaman ng sangkatauhan?  o ano, hindi ba?!?

hindi isinama ni doktor baligtad ang pagkain ng baboy at manok, ano kaya ang katwiran niya?  ang alam ko, kinakain ng mga katutubong tagalog ang baboy, pero hindi iyong mga baboy sa piggery ngayon na pinalaki o pinataba ng mga feeds na gawa sa pabrika …

ito rin ang mga patuka sa  mga manukan, kaya naman magmula sa manok hanggang sa itlog, pagkaing pabrika ang kinakain nila … naglaho ng yata ang simpleng darak, pulot at mga damong pagkain ng mga hayop noon ….

kabaligtaran at taliwas noong unang panahon ng mga katutubo na ang paborito ay baboy at manok, pero ito ay mga baboy-damo at  labuyong katutubo …

kaya tena na,  kainan na ng bakang kumakain ng damo! hindi kaya ang dahilan ng lakas ng kalabaw ay ang damong kalabaw o damong dapa?  o sige,   hititan na ng damo ni marya at huwana para tayong lahat ay tumawa, bulaluhan na tayo at baligtarin natin ang mundo sa tama …

gumaya tayo sa high fat, high cholesterol at less carbohydrates ng mga pranses na baligtad sa  pagkaing amerikano … french diet na tayo at mabuhay kayong lahat!  mabuhay!  hehehe! sanyong lahat!


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