116th blog ni parasapinga: eternal triangles ng silanganang karagatan!

Since 1987 to the present and still listing In the southeastern part of this earth, somewhere off and within the islands they called philippines,  storms not even in the typhoon season are adding to this holocaust of sea disasters.

All these causes are brought about by overloading of vessels,  lax enforcement of safety regulations and poor management and sub-standard maintenance and oligarchic governance, which obviously are favoring the capitalistic interest of the rich who fondly call themselves as flips of the west or local filipinos.

Over the past three decades or more and still continuing, the list of fatal incidents in our seas, not including those disasters and deaths caused by man-made dams and floodgates, are noted in the following list:

1.  August 16, 2013 – St. Thomas Aquinas near the port of Cebu:                                                                                                  At least 31 people  dead and 171 others missing.
2.  June 14, 2013 –  Lady of Mount Carmel near the island of Masbate:   Seven people  dead
3.  June 12, 2012 – A wooden-hulled ferry off the coast of Palawan :    At least seven dead
4.  December 26, 2009 –  MV Baleno: At least six confirmed dead and 44 missing
5.  December 24, 2009 – Wooden-hulled Catalyn B in Manila Bay:  Four people confirmed dead with 23 missing
6.  September 6, 2009 – Superferry 9 near the southern city of Zamboanga:  Nine people  killed
7.  May , 2009 – May 2009: Wooden-hulled Commander 6:   12 dead.
8.  December, 2008 –  Ferry Maejan in northern philippines:  30 dead.
9.  November 2008 – Don Dexter Kathleen off the central island of Masbate:  42 dead.
10.  June 2008 – The Princess of the Stars near the coast of Sibuyan island:  Out of 850 on board, only 57 survived.
11.  February 2004 – Superferry 14 near Manila Bay:  116 dead.
12.  April 2000 –  Cargo vessel Anahanda off the southern island of Jolo: estimated 150 people on board died
13.  September 1998 – The Princess of the Orient off Batangas City:  About 150 died.
14.  December 1994 – A Singapore freighter in Manila Bay:  about 140 dead.
15.  October 1988 – Dona Marilyn  off the central island of Leyte:   more than 250 dead.
16.  December 1987 –  Dona Paz ferry off Mindoro island:  more than 4,300 dead and dubbed as the WORLD’s

The above records based on my senile memories are gargantuan, and still counting, considering and comparing with those that happened in the western seas wether mediterranean and caribbean particularly in their own eternal triangles.

However, those incidents in their part of the world have been sensationalized by mysteries and myths of the seas. Ours is are more of man-made.

Obviously for me, they are caused by the so-called modern civilization or the word progress brought or exported from the west.

Our very own native seafarers who sailed before them, did sail from island to island in native balangays made of wood and bamboos equipped only by wooden paddles and sails with only their bare instincts and bravery, with only few accidents, unlike the list shown above.

They did not have the maritime titles or diplomas in their names, only their knowledge of the stars and the moons and the skies.

It’s more fun in the philippines, by the way, especially in the seas where they, the westerners, can always find the much coveted deuterium!


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