135th blog … long movie list, napagod sumakit ang mga mata ko!

… listened to russell librand’s type of revolution and realized a similarity as his is somewhat the same as mine, so instead of going to the polls like in the past, i tried instead the pokemon forever, of course did not match my age …

… so, i shifted to john rambo and found him at least entertaining, then saw 10,000 bc that likened to ancient revolutions in the far lands, and had a good journey …

… immediately transferred my time to 88 minutes and wow, so relaxing to the mind …

… then close to you was next in line that massaged my recollection of my travelling time that already passed, and finally came to bohol once again in the very same spots where the earthquakes were nowhere and unseen …

… till my memory was darkened with sadness and empathy of the present reality …

… got a view of the movie legacy of a devastated new york that never knew what paros is …. city abandoned by men, forloned and nerve-cracking with images of deceptions, with exception of tala, diego’s german dog, which is the only thing familiar to me –

… thanks to the green valley cinco for the semblance of reality amidst the zombies of humanity which are ineffective humans …. thanks to julia for showing the inequities of man and woman, hahahah! this episode of my movie concert goes on!

… joy, thanks for the second-hand cd’s with our indigenous sinangag, tuyo and kamatis versus canned and processed meals … having fun and time to enjoy now, heheheh!

… comes the southland tales where i visited tx and la, venice, malibu, topanga and santa monica, even catalina, and the others i missed due to fluid karma, the perpetual motion machine … that god did not do, we did! … sex, sex, sex … maybe in the end, memory is all we’ll have ….

… or maybe, marijuana can really cure the world, heheheh!

… back to american gangster just to keep my mind busy and make a review of racism between blacks and whites … so, chicago, new jersey, new york, greensboro, nc fort bragg, and the rest were the breeding grounds of blue magic …

… playing around the controversies of power struggles between latinos and asians to prove who is the loudest and the weakest in a room, probing the el pasig and el tundo to complete the scenario of dopes and chaos among characters of bitches and pimps who are moving to vegas for more drug abuse …

… while asking what the fuck is happening to the world …

oh! more guts to talk about order, hahahah! … how in the world do you talk about order in the middle of the crazy smoke of opium, heroine, shabu and more to come from the products of kuomintang of bangkok that are better than competition or lower than competition? …

… all one can do is the rennaisance of the thrilla in manila … because it is really more fun living in the gates of hell, it’s vietnam no more …. hahahah!

… hottie nottie of santa monica beach where we walked the sands with julia … reminiscing the views in the movie of paris, yes! hilton of beauty, not in the mega mall atrium of delirium, hahahah!

… i’ve seen it all in this quarter-backing doggie named spike in mo joe’s car, so i don’t really need to go to boston anymore, or taste the liquid chicken as i’ve been doing it in manila …. but, everything is on joe tonight, as he changed eventually to idad mainly due to payton, the payne aka pain child …

… really looked like julia at first in eagle rock ballet, but more likely it is isabella, or maxene and sophia with the deers in tokyo or osaka, o come on, it’s nara … the scene is a reality in a noontime show of a quarterbacking dad getting off tatiana from his back in a noontime show with xo xo –

… please be careful with my heart – sans the bulldog ruining the day …. hehehe, as i dare the daddys do the ballet like joe … really, stupid is a mean word! ….

… the long list goes on and on: sydney white; in the name of the king; hairspray; top model; upside of anger; across the universe; senior skip day, no country for old men and the korean full house/princess hours …

… and oh! the game plan, yes! the game plan … hahahah!



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