138th blog … mahabang listahan ng conspiracy theory sa pinatubo at deuterium ng luzon, atbp!

Noong matagal na, napanood ko sa sine ang pelikula ng obsessed na si mel gibson sa papel ng isang taxi driver …

simula noon, para akong na-obssessed na malaman kung ano ba talaga itong tinatawag nilang conspiracy theory, at nalaman ko nga.

Kaya lang, gusto kong isama sa listahan ng natitirang pang mga kutsabahan tungkol sa deuterium na nakaimbak paligid sa ilalim ng dagat pacifico.

Tinawag nilang pacific ang malawak na karagatan at binigyan pa nila ng bagong pangalang Felipinas o Pilipinas ang tatlong grupo ng mga pulong luson, bisaya at mindanao.

At dahil dito, nabigyan nila ng pangalang Philippine Deep ang mahabang bitak ng lupa sa ilalim ng dagat.

Ang philippine deep ang siyang pinakamalalim at pinakamahabang deposito ng deuterium na napag-alamang siyang magiging pinakamalaking tuklas ng siyensiya sa buong mundo ng mga conspiradores.

Kaya naman daw,  sa loob ng isang patay na bulkan sa luzon nila itinago ang mga lihim na kaalaman at kasama na ang tungkol sa deuterium.

Kaya nilang protektahan ang kanilang mga lihim na kaalam dahil nga halos lahat ng mga satellites at basis sa mundo ay pag-aari nila.

Kaya lang, pinaalis ng gobyernong pilipino daw ang mga base sa luzon kaya wala ng magbabantay ng kanilang mga lihim sa loob ng patay na bulkan.

The volcano had been confirmed permanently inactive and therefore dead according to their own scientific studies, and secretly made the inside of the said volcano as their perpetual depository.

This in fact established the mightiest military base in the world for a period of about a hundred long years that was ended abruptly by the then senate of the philippines in the recent times.

The modern and patriotic politicians in Manila  changed their minds about the treaty and disallowed the continuation of bases in the philippines.

Right after the cancellation, dismantling and removal of such agreement, the supposedly dead pinatubo volcano suddenly became alive but destroying all the contents inside into pieces by the controlled eruption into the atmosphere.

The conspiracy background of the actual sound and dusts heard and seen all over the world was gossiped to me by a local taxi driver in manila who probably became familiar with mel gibson’s movie.

The following is the result of my further subsequent research on conspiracy theories with varying degrees of popularity.on clandestine government plans, elaborate murder plots, suppression of secret technology and knowledge, and other schemes behind certain political, cultural, and historical events.

Starting on theories dealing with censorship and excoriation from the law, like the Holocaust denial, conspiracies usually go against a consensus or cannot be proven using the historical method and are typically not considered similar to verified conspiracies such as the Gleiwitz_incident, germany’s pretense for invading Poland in World War II.

It is a conspiracy theory like the group of international elites which controls and manipulates governments, industry, and media organizations worldwide to dominate nations using the system of central banking.

Having funded or caused most of the major wars of the last 200 years with false flag attacks on warring countries, the grip on the world economy continues up to now while deliberately causing inflation and depressions at will, very similar to deregulations imposed on the philippine market.

Operatives working for the New World Order are said to be placed in high positions in government and industry.

The people behind the New World Order are thought to be international bankers, in particular the owners of the private banks in the Federal Reserve System and other central banks, and members of the Council on Foreign Relations Trilateral Commission Bilderberg Group

The New World Order is said to control supranational and global organizations such as the European Union, United Nations, World_Bank, International Monetary Fund and the proposed North American Union<.

George H. W. Bush made the term popular when he referred to his “dream of a New World Order in his speech to the United States Congres on September 11, 1990.

Motivations of the New World Order conspiracy vary but the end goal for the conspiracy is the creation of a one-world government exercising absolute dominance over the earth and eliminate all sources of dissent.

This shadow government is accused of being the same group that created the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, supported the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, and supported the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany, all for their own agenda.

The World Bank and national central banks are the tools of the New World Order to make wars that shall generate massive profits for central banks, simply because the government spending  increases dramatically in times of chaos.

Many conspiracy theorists believe that Denver International Airport is the western headquarters of the New World Order, and a massive underground base and city is believed to exist underneath the airport.

This airport, unusually larger than size of some major cities, is themed by the murals of artist, Leo Tanguma, Denver International Airport Controvery depicting burning cities, gas-mask wearing soldiers and girls in coffins, and the capstone of the Great Hall including Masonic symbols and strange writing.

Secret fleets of black helicopters are ready to take control when the New World Order takes the wealth of nations through central banks, via the issuance of currency.

The Reserve System< is the central bank of the United States, though not a part of the government, but with a significant share of private control and interests, created in 1913.

There is a theory that the Federal Reserve System is designed to transfer wealth from every nation to the international bankers of the New World Order

False flag operations are covert operations conducted by governments, corporations, or other organizations, which are designed to appear as if they are being carried out by other entities.

The 1933, Reichstag_fire arson attack of the Reichstag German parliament building is such an example where in 2001 four German historians argued that the fire had been a Nazi false-flag operation blamed upon a communist.

More controversially, former russian officers Aleksey Galkin, Alexander Litvinenko and other defectors from the Russian government and security services have asserted that the 1999 Russian apartment bombings which precipitated the Second Chechen War, were false flag operations perpetrated by the FSB, the successor organization to the KGB.

Other accusations of false flag operations conspiracy theories include:

Pearl Harbor conspiracy theory, Pan Am Flight 103 conspiracy theories, Oklahoma City bombing conspiracy theorie, 2004 Madrid train bombings, Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting conspiracy theories, Boston Marathon bombings, to list a few.

In 1865, Windslow Ayer alludes to Camp Douglas Conspiracy’ to break out prisoners, describing it as a conspiracy of Copperheads and of the Knights of the Golden Circle Sons of Liberty in his historical work.

Related is the allegation that certain wars which are claimed by politicians to be in the national interest, or for humanitarian purposes, are in fact motivated by the conquest and control of natural resources purely for commercial interest.

In the Spanish-American War, the explosion of the USS Maine prompted the United States annexation of Puerto Rico, the Philippines including Guam which was after the scripted and mocked american-spanish navy battle in the manila bay mainly due a negotiated dollar value between the two protagonist countries.

Andrew Carnegie, claimed that it was being fought for imperialist motives. A war planned for economic gain can be seen as a conspiracy in the conventional sense of a secret plot, particularly when the public is presented with false pretexts for war.

It has also been suggested that war is a perfect way of distracting citizens, as an electoral tactic, from difficulties facing the current government.

This premise is the basis of the films Wag the Dog, Canadian Bacon and the George Orwell novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four”, the motivation for Falklands War.

The National Reorganization Process, the right-wing dictatorship that ruled Argentina between 1976 and 1983, was facing increasing discontent among the population over its Dirty War and this may have contributed to the decision to invade the Falkland Islands.

In many cases, critics have accused the U.S. of engaging in realpolitik in the cynical sense of political action without regard for principle or morals.

In recent times, wars in the Middle East such as the Gulf War and the invasion of Iraq have been described as wars for Petroleum oil, as well as power, money and land.

Conspiracy theories sometimes emerge following assassinations of prominent people. The best known of these is the assassination of John F. Kennedy (1963), which has caused a number of conspiracy theories to develop.

Central to this theory is the claim that the injuries received by Kennedy and Governor John Connally could not have been caused by a lone gunman behind the motorcade and to the right.

This theory was popularized by the  Oliver Stone movie which centered on Jim Garrison’s conduct of the only criminal prosecution related directly to Kennedy’s assassination.

Americans believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, while 68% do not believe Oswald acted alone. 

The list also include the assassinations of Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X. In many cases, it is asserted that a Manchurian candidate may have been used.

The assassinations of historical figures, such as Eric V of Denmark, Tsarevich Dmitry Ivanovich of Russia remain subject to conspiracy theories, and those of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Carrero Blanco, Olof Palme and Yitzhak Rabin, including the airplane crush of a philippine president ramon magsaysay, are candidates to the list of conspiracy theories.

Some deaths that are officially recorded as having resulted from accidents, suicides, or natural causes are also the subject of some conspiracy theories, such as Patton in 1945,  the car crash that killed Princess of Wales Dodi Fayed in 1997, the death of John F. Kennedy Jr. in a plane crash in 1999, and the death of Senator Paul Wellstone in a plane crash in 2002.

Often, unusual circumstances in a suicide or accident are cited as evidence of a conspiracy such as the case of aftermath and death of Gary Webb who suffered 2 gunshots to the head, and journalist Cats Falck.

The attempted assassinations of George H. W. Bush have aroused suspicion from conspiracy theorists that the events might have been staged. Former Presidents of Taiwan and Ukraine are cited in similar conspiracy theories as well.

In India there are several conspiracy theories circulating about the 1945 death of pro-Axis Indian nationalist leader Subhas Chandra Bose.

A closely related cluster of conspiracy theories are associated with Barack Obama mentioning illegitimacy due to the circumstances of his birth alleging that either his birth certificate was faked or that he holds dual citizenship and this disqualifies him as President.

In the second half of the 19th century,  conspiracists claimed that Jews and/or Freemasons were plotting to establish control over the world.

The most famous text alleging the existence of this Judeo-Masonic conspiracy theory The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. A more modern manifestation of such ideas is the myth of a Zionist Occupation Government.

Various conspiracy theories have been advanced regarding Jews and banking, including the myth that world banking is dominated by the Rothschild family, that Jews control Wall Street, and that Jews control the U.S. Federal Reserve System.

A related myth is that Jews control Hollywood or the world news media.

Most Holocaust denial claims imply, or openly state, that the Holocaust is a hoax arising out of a deliberate Jewish conspiracy to advance the interest of Jews at the expense of other peoples,  and to justify the creation of the State of Israel.

In Samuel A. Weems’ book, Armenia: The Secrets of a Christian Terrorist State (2002), he argued in favor of the idea that theArmenian Genocide was a gigantic fraud designed to fleece Christian nations out of billions of dollars.

He also claimed that the Armenian Church was a state-owned entity that organizes and funds terrorist (including ASALA) attacks and that Armenians had infiltrated the United States.

That book states that Armenian Diaspora communities in the United States and throughout the world are actually colonies/political bases intended to gain money and support for Armenian Republic.

The book also states that Armenia is founded on land stolen from Muslims and that Armenians have perpetrated enormous massacres against Turkish people and Azeris, and in the past.

Davud Imanov, an Azerbaijani filmmaker, expanded on this theory in a series of films called the Echo of Sumgait where he accused Armenians, Russians and Americans of conspiring together against Azerbaijan and claiming that Karabakh_movement was a plot organized by the CIA to destroy the Soviet Union. in the same manner that activist movements in the philippines are communist-sponsored from china.

Some Rastafarians maintain that a white racist patriarchy  controls the world in order to oppress the African race.

They believe that Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia did not die when it was reported in 1975, and that the racist, white media (Babylon) propagated that rumor in order to squash the Rastafari Movement and its message of overthrowing Babylon.

Apocalyptic prophecies, particularly Christian  eschatalogical claims about the end times, the Last Judgment, and the end of the world have inspired a range of conspiracy theories.

Many of these deal with the Antichrist also known as The Beast numerology 666, is supposed to be a leader who will create a world empire and oppress Christians.

Countless historical figures have been called “Antichrist” in their times, from the Roman emperor Nero to Adolf Hitler to Ronald Reagan to Javier Solana to Barack Obama.

At times, apocalyptic speculation has mixed with anti-Catholicism, believing that the reigning pope is the Antichrist or the False Prophet.

Another interpretation sees the Antichrist as a world leader involved with the United Nations, who will create a one world government New World Order and establish a single monetary system.

The latter is identified with the Mark of the Beast, which the Bible states that people in the end times will need in order to conduct trade.

Two nations often involved in apocalyptic conspiracy theories are and Iraq.  The former is the location of both the Temple Mount and Armagedon, places seen as important in prophecy. The latter is the ancient location of  Babylon, which also figures in the Book of Revelation.

During the Gulf War, some suggested that Saddam Hussein had ordered the excavation and re-population of the city of Babylon, thus casting Saddam as an Antichrist figure.

Other interpretations have held that Babylon  in the Book of Revelation refers to another mighty nation, such as the Roman Empire, the Vatican  and the Catholic Church, or more recently the Soviet Union or the  United States of America.

Bible conspiracy theories posit that much of what is known about the Bible, in particular the New Testament, is a deception. These theories variously claim that Jesus really had a wife, Mary Magdalene, and children, that a group such as the Priory of Sion has secret information about the bloodline of Jesus,

That Jesus did not die on the cross and that the carbon dating of the Shroud of Turin was part of a conspiracy by the Vatican to suppress this knowledge, that there was a secret movement to censor books that belonged in the Bible, or the Christ myth theory, proposed for example in Zeitgeist, the Movie as a means of social control by the Roman Empire.

A fictionalized contrivance of this is portrayed in the novel  The Da Vinci Code Society Conspiracy which suggests that a secret form of energy is used and controlled by a secret society of matriarchal socialist utopian superior beings.

A typical suppressed invention story is that of the incredibly efficient carburetor, whose inventor was supposedly killed or hounded into obscurity by petroleum companies desirous to protect their business from an engine that would make their product obsolete.

Very typical, also, is the invention of Daniel Dingle of Manila, Philippines,  who had succeeded in separating hydrogen and oxygen to produce deuterium to run cars without gasoline fuel.

The documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car?” technology has been largely suppressed by big oil and gas firms.

Inventor Nikola Tesla< has been the object of several conspiracy theories, with claims relating to revolutionary energy generation and distribution technologies, with some variants of the theory alleging a connection to "High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program", an American military-funded research program.

The  Phoebus cartel set up in 1924 has been accused of preventing technological advances that would have produced longer-lasting light bulbs. The document Light Bulb Conspiracy claimed that the Phoebus cartel  deliberately limited the expected lifetime of a light bulb to 1000 hours.However, 1000 hours was a reasonable optimum life expectancy for most bulbs.

A longer lifetime can be obtained only at the expense of efficiency: more electricity is wasted as heat and less light is obtained Philadelphia Experiment, a supposed attempt to turn a U.S. Navy warship invisible, which allegedly caused severe harm to on-board crew members.

According to Jacques F. Vallée, the experiment was based on the effort to make the USS Eldridge invisible to torpedoes, through degaussing technology and other methods. Montauk Project, a continuation of the Philadelphia Experiment, to put government-trained psychics (Duncan Cameron) into a program with the intent of mind control, time travel, and even mental manifestation.

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program theory claims that HAARP could be used as directed-energy weapon, weather control, earthquake induction device and/or for  mind control Tsunami bomb.

It has been alleged that the  Indian Ocean Tsunami was intentionally caused by a nuclear weapon detonated in a strategic position under the ocean; research into such technology was conducted by the military as far back as World War II.

Likewise, similar studies were conducted in the early 1970s.  U.S. Defense Department had even expressed concern about earthquake-inducing technology in warfare well before the 2004 disaster. In 1997 Defense Secretary William S. Cohen stated:

Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.”However, this was in the context of discussing concerns raised by a futurist writer, and providing examples of false threats that might distract the intelligence community;

Cohen also indicated other countries might just claim such capabilities as a “false scare of a threat” Chemtrail theory, Cloud-like trails behind aircraft, having the general appearance of contrails, but alleged to be chemical spraying.

Many governments use intelligence agencies to promote national policies in secretive ways—in several cases including the use of sabotage, propaganda, and assassination.

Intelligence agencies, such as the American Central Intelligence Agency, the Soviet KGB, Great Britain’s MI6, the German BND and the Israelite Mossad, are a common element of political conspiracy theories precisely because they are known to participate in some activities similar to those described in conspiracy theories.

Indeed, conspiracy theories about espionage agencies go back at least as far as the 17th century, with allegations the English spymaster Robert Cecil, 1st Earl of Salisbury was responsible for the Gunpowder plot of 1605.

Some examples include the Pine Gap satellite tracking system in Australia, which is believed by some to be a global database used to track individuals Big Brother (Nineteen Eighty-Four) style.

Numerous theories have been put forward surrounding Korean Air Lines Flight 007, a Boeing 747, carrying 269 people including anti-communist Cong. Larry McDonald.

KAL 007 was shot down near Moneron Island by the Soviet military after it strayed into prohibited airspace in 1983.

These theories started in a Cold War era of heightened tensions and mutual distrust, and have been fanned by subsequent misinformation, deception, and  suppression of evidence.

The subject of suppressed-invention conspiracy also touches on the medical realm: proponents of more unlikely forms of alternative medicine are known to allege conspiracy by mainstream doctors to suppress their cures.

Such conspiracies are often said to include government regulators, to the extent that a legal decision may be relevant.

Some medical conspiracy theorists argue that the medical community could actually cure supposedly “incurable” diseases if it really wanted to, but instead prefers to suppress the cures as a way of maintaining the multi-trillion dollar “cancer industry”.

Other medical conspiracies charge that pharmaceutical companies are in league with some medical practitioners to invent new diseases, such as ADHD, HPV and even HIV.

Some activists and spokespersons for legalization of drugs, especially marijuana, have long espoused a theory that government and private industry conspired during the first half of the 20th century to outlaw hemps, allegedly so that it would no longer provide inexpensive competition to  pulp paper and synthetic materials.

William Randolph Hearst is often pointed to as one of the businessmen responsible due to his involvement in the printing industry and his eminence in the public eye.

An extensive study on the subject has been done by Jack Herer in his book The Emperor Wears No Clothes.

There are claims that AIDS is a human-made disease.

Some of these theories allege that HIV was created by a conspiratorial group or by a secretive agency as a tool of genocide and/or population control.

Other theories suggest that the virus was created as an experiment in biological and/or psychological warfare, and then escaped into the population at large by accident.

Some who believe that HIV was a government creation see a precedent for it in the Tuskegee syphilis study, in which government-funded researchers deceptively denied treatment to black patients infected with a sexually transmitted disease.

There have been suggestions that either HIV or a sterilizing agent has been added to polio vaccines being distributed by the World Health Organization in Nigeria.

Since these claims have been in existence, there has been a marked increase in the number of polio cases in the country, because Muslim clerics have urged parents not to have their children vaccinated.

Water fluoridation is the controlled addition of fluoride to a public water supply to reduce tooth decay.

Although almost all major health and dental organizations support water fluoridation, or have found no association with adverse effects, efforts to introduce water fluoridation meet considerable opposition whenever it is proposed.

Since fluoridation’s inception in the 1950s, opponents have drawn on distrust of experts and unease about medicine and science.

Conspiracy theories involving fluoridation are common, and include the following claims that: Fluoridation is part of a Communist, Fascist or New World Order or Illuminati plot to take over the world.

This notion is mentioned, with comical effect, in Stanley Kubrick where one insane general repeatedly accuses the Warsaw Pact nations of attempting to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.

Fluoridation was designed by the military–industrial complex to protect the U.S. atomic weapons program from litigation. Fluoridation was pioneered by a German chemical company to make people submissive to those in power.

Fluoridation was used in Russian prison camps and produces schizophrenia.

Fluoridation is backed by the aluminium or phosphate industries as a means of disposing of some of their industrial waste. Fluoridation is a smokescreen to cover failure to provide dental care to the poor.

Many proponents of traditional, natural alternative medicines claim that pharmaceutical companies and various governments and government agencies conspire to maintain profits by ensuring that the general public uses only modern medicines.

For example, many countries have laws that prevent unproven medicinal claims from being printed on packaging, advertisements, etc., for medicines.

Any substance for which medicinal claims are made are deemed drugs.  Proponents of traditional, natural and alternative medicines often claim that since herbs, etc., are of natural origin,

they are not drugs and that such laws fallaciously define them as drugs in order to control and ultimately limit or prevent their distribution thus ensuring profits for the pharmaceutical industry.

The past or present existence of these groups is not disputed, and a variety of theories regarding hidden plots and/or agendas actively guarded from the general public have been proposed. There is dispute as to whether any of these theories are true.

Bohemian Grove, Freemasonry, The Illuminati, World Banker, Zionists, Le Cercle, Opus Dei, Tavistock Institute On Human Relation, Skull and Bones, Trilateral Commission.

There are claims about secret experiments known as the Montauk Project conducted at Camp Hero, New York. Allegedly, the project was developing a powerful psychological war weapon.

The project is often connected to other alleged government projects such as the  Philadelphia Experiment and Project Rainbow, both of which involved the use of unified field theory to cloak vessels.

Experiments involving teleportation, time travel, contact with extraterrestrials, and  mind control are frequently alleged to have been conducted in the camp.

Preston B. Nichols has written five books on the subject, including Montauk Project: Experiments in time.

The Global warming conspiracy theory asserts that the global community of climate scientists has colluded to fabricate a vast body of scientific evidence and literature in order to deceive the world into believing there is a significant anthropogenic component to increases in global temperatures, with the objective of misdirecting research funding, political power, or simply money.

The genetically modified crop conspiracy theory asserts that the global community of agricultural and biological scientists has conspired to fabricate the overwhelming amount of scientific evidence supporting the safety and benefit of genetically modified food crops, while also suppressing evidence suggesting the dangers of these crops.

Supporters of this conspiracy theory typically argue for organic superiority and against the use of genetically modified food crop. Supporters of this conspiracy theory often associate the private company Monsanto with this conspiracy theory.

…….  and yet there are still there are others not mentioned in this list …..


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