164th blog … seattle, seattle! ng pinga … parasapinga

“old chief Seattle was the largest Indian I ever saw, and by far the noblest-looking. he stood 6 feet full in his moccasins, was broad-shouldered, deep-chested, and finely proportioned.

his eyes were large, intelligent, expressive and friendly when in repose, and faithfully mirrored the varying moods of the great soul that looked through them.

he was usually solemn, silent, and dignified, but on great occasions moved among assembled multitudes like a titan among lilliputians, and his lightest word was law. …

his influence was marvelous. He might have been an emperor but all his instincts were democratic, and he ruled his loyal subjects with kindness and paternal benignity.

he was always flattered by marked attention from white men, and never so much as when seated at their tables, and on such occasions he manifested more than anywhere else the genuine instincts of a gentleman.

chief seattle arose with all the dignity of a senator, who carries the responsibilities of a great nation on his shoulders. Placing one hand on the governor’s head and slowly pointing heavenward with the index finger of the other …

he commenced his memorable address in solemn and impressive tones.”


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