170th blog … si kimong kalawang ang salarin! aminin!


… if this thing about lemon is real, why do the medical societies in the world still use chemotheraphy as treatment for cancer patients?

are they in conspiracy with the multi-national drug companies? Are they in cahoot with the gobyernong hindut? … government government we are sick, call a doctor very quick, doctor doctor shall we die, yes my darling do not cry? …

citrus or lemon can kill cancer cells, 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy? why do we not know about that?

because there are laboratories interested in making a synthetic version that will bring them huge profits? and mind you, the taste of our “kalamansi” is pleasant without the horrific effects of chemotherapy.

supposedly, the fruit is thousand times better than adriamycin, a drug being used in chemotherapy, and claimed as growth-killer of cancer cells.

last but not the least, lemon-extract therapy destroys malignant cancer cells only and it does not affect healthy cells … o, lipat na kayo sa lemon! ala ng kiyemekiyeme, alis na sa kimokimo, kalamansi na lang tayo, heheheh!


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