171st blog … santodiego!

happy new year dada and mamu jovy! we love you!!

san diego is a major city in southern california,  about 190 km south of los angeles, and immediately adjacent to the mexico–united states border.

birthplace of california or west coast and home of kumeyaay people, also known as san dieguito and la jolla, san diego was the first site visited by the europeans who invaded south america.

the entire san diego bay was claimed for Spain in 1542, forming the basis for the settlement of alta california 200 years later.

In 1821, san diego became part of newly independent mexico and became mexican state  of alta california.

In 1846, the united States went to war against mexico and sent a naval and land expedition to conquer alta california, and as a result, the territory including san diego, was ceded to the United States by Mexico, under the terms of the treaty of guadalupe hidalgo in 1848.

alta california became part of the united states with california’s admission to the union following the mexican-american war.

the state of california was admitted to the united states in 1850, that same year san diego was designated and incorporated as a city.

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