197th blog … agawan ng makati, taguig at pateros, magiging balut, penoy at abnoy!

apat lamang ang elemento ng buhay: ang lupa, hangin, apoy at tubig …

lupa ng daigdig kasama ang mga bato at buhangin; hangin ng langit na hindi nakikita; apoy ng araw na mainitat; at ang tubig ng mga ilog at lawa …

ito ang mga totoong timpla ng buhay … pait, tamis, alat, asim, pakla, tabang, anghang at iba pang sinasabi’t nalalasahan ng dila ng taong nilikha lamang ng isang iisang dakila … ang poong maykapal …

o, ito kaya ay haka-haka lamang ng hindi malirip-lirip na diwa? o mga kabalintunaan lamang ng isip at diwa?

Pateros is a first-class municipality in metro manila. This small town is famous for its duck-raising industry and especially for producing balut or boiled duck egg.

Pateros is also known for the production of red salty eggs and “inutak”, a local rice cake. The town is also known for manufacturing of “alfombra”, a locally-made footwear with a carpet-like fabric on its top surface.

Pateros, bordered by Pasig to the north, Makati to the west, and Taguig to the south, is the only municipality and the smallest, both in population and in land area in metro manila.

It is the second most densely populated at around 29 thousand people per square kilometer.

The name is most likely derived from the duck-raising industry. Tagalog word for “duck” is pato and pateros means “duck-raisers”.

Another less known is that the name may allude to the town’s small shoe-making industry. Sapatos is shoe and shoemakers are called sapateros.

Before 1770, Pateros, the same as the other towns and cities, was a barrio of or a sitio in Pasig until a decree was issued making Pateros an independent municipality.

The pueblo was composed of five barangays namely, Aguho, San Roque, Sta. Ana, Sto. Rosario and Mamancat which is now a portion of Fort Bonifacio.

On March 29, 1900, Pateros became one of the towns in the newly created province of Rizal.

Also, Pateros, Taguig and Muntinlupa became a single municipality under Pateros, but later was renamed Taguig in 1905.

Later on, Pateros became a part of the new metropolitan manila area.

Supreme Court on June 16, 2009 tried to settle the boundary dispute among Pateros, Makati and Taguig through a tripartite conference.

Paano kaya nila mahahati-hati ang mga lungga sa ilalim ng lupa?


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