203rd blog … mistaken identity o double identity nina maryo at maryahuwana!

mistaken identity or double identity of the split personality?

the register of births of the pasig city civil registry office   clearly recorded that a certain mario, male, was born alive at 2:15 p.m. on july 18, 1946 as legitimate son of dorotea and herminigildo, ages 36 and 44.

the entry on the above document was the birth date of mario being july 18, 1946 is plainly mysterious;       the mystery is that this supposed date could actually be mario’s year of death or demise in infancy.

mario could had been born in 1945, and subsequently died as a baby on july 18, 1946;                         actually, july 18 is one day after his youngest brother manuel was born.

to complicate matters, after manuel’s birth, he was baptized in the church as mario,                         not manuel, as the records will show.

can mario be a twin sibling of manuel? was he separated from his family since babyhood?                     or, can mario be still alive today?

The document explicitly stated that it is a certificate of live birth for mario, and to complicate further, there is no certificate of death to his name on record.

so, what could had been the error if ever there was … and what’s the fuzz all about?

for in the same year 1946, in july 17, another baby boy, manuel was born,                                 unregistered, and without record of birth in in the civil registry.

In the church of innculate concepcion parish certificate of baptism, the same manuel was meticulously recorded.

the parents of manuel were dorotea and hermenegildo, exactly the same parentage of mario … and that’s the jazz !!!

any possibility that manuel and mario were twin babies,                                                     born on the 17th of the same month july, 1946?

and that mario died on the 18th, a day after he saw the light of life and his demise was never recorded! or, did mario live but was separated from his twin baby brother in a wink of an eye disappeared without a trace?

or in fact, they were baby brothers, not twins, who were born about a year apart in 1945 and 1946 respectively? …

and that mario was really born sometime in 1945, died on july 18, 1946 that was erroneously recorded as mario’s birthday? …                                                       a day after the natal day of his younger baby brother manuel?

or, mario, one of the twin brothers, was simply vanished by destiny as there was no certificate of death to his name?

is mario simply a case of a missing person? a mistaken identity or a case of double identity?               finder’s keeper of a lost ID?

aha!!  mario and manuel were one and the same baby having a split personality?                             or maybe, they were actual twins with factual birth dates, a while mario simply was gone without a trace.

if true, manuel  was raised and has grown old without his twin brother by his side,                         and forever trying to solve the mystery of life?

ahaha!!!  then, answer the question: who is fake and who is real, illusion or derusion anyone? …

either or, neither nor, mario can merely be an alter ego of manuel, a blood brother of the spirit, or the anito of pinga, or mario is only a figment of manuel’s own imagination?                                                     take a pick dicks,  prick  and freak out!

O, baka naman nagmamarihuwana ang mga taong gumawa ng gulong ito.                                           pero ano nga ba ang marijuana?

Tetrahydrocannabinol, is the principal psychoactive constituent of the cannabis plant.                                                            
First isolated in 1964 in its pure form, it is a glassy solid when cold, and becomes viscous and sticky if warmed.

A pharmaceutical formulation is available by prescription in the U.S. and Canada under the brand name Marinol.

An aromatic terpenoid, it has a very low solubility in water, but good solubility in most organic solvents, specifically lipids and alcohols.

Like most pharmacologically-active secondary metabolites of plants,                                       THC in cannabis is assumed to be involved in self-defense, perhaps against herbivores.

THC also possesses high UV-B absorption properties which could protect the plant from harmful UV radiation exposure.

Mahusay na halaman, huwag lamang inaabuso’t sinasamantala ng kabataang mga pag-asa daw ni ka pepeng ginawang gat eh hindi naman, kase lahing intsik hindi tulad ng ka andres na tunay na taga-ilog na bahay ngayon ng mga kuyapong bulok.


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