212th blog … drunken spirit ng mga flips pilipitnoy daw!

…. drunken spirit!

What language do we speak? …

If one believes everything we read in the books, then, we speak “pilipino”, kasi abakada pa ang gamit natin noon, pero ngayon, abc na kaya “filipino”, hindi ba?

kasi ginamit na ang abc kasama pati mga ibang letra na hindi nakita o nadinig sa lumang baybayin ,
lalo na sa dilang tagalog na kawi, kabi o sabihin pang kavi.

Matagal na paliwanagan ang kailangan tungkol sa mga “allophones, diphthongs” at kung anu-ano pang mga pakitongkitong ng mga pulitikong mangongokotong.

Do we have spanish influence, who were the first settlers, where did they come from?.. and so on and so forth.

Yes, we are dead right in saying or thinking that we have all the camouflage of influences from “you name it we’ve got it”.

More than 300 years of spanish domination and colonization, about 50 years of americans, few additional years of british and japanese, not to mention the ever presence of chinese since time immemorial,

and the empires of madjapahit and shri-vijayah that ruled the visayas and mindanao for centuries, and countless others who people think that these are the sources of everything that we are now.

Who were the first settlers? … no one really knows! They could be the dumagat, ita, itneg, mangyan, ilokano or the tagalog ang bikolano in our “pulo ng ginto”, to name only a few, or the citizens of the “kingdom of the free” or “kahariang malaya”.

Some enterprising people mentioned “malay” who probably meant “mamamayang malaya ng kahariang tagalog” which gave the idea that the tongues of the original “taga-ilog” inhabitants are always one with the nature, without doubt,

And this thinking can be genuinely true. Once upon a time, the advocacy of Magdiwang of the Katipunan could have altered the course of our destiny as a people and as a nation, and rerouted the path of existice to a more distinct propriety for bloodlines and inherent dignity.  

Maybe, just maybe, we are just as old, or, older than the aztecs, incas and mayans of americas,
as ancient if not more ancient than the earliest tribes in africa and europe, with a god that was more authentic than the gods and beliefs of the people from foreign lands.

Or, were the river dweller the remnants of a lost civilization called Mu or Lemuria? what about pangaea and sundaland? Or the first, second, third or even fourth roots?

Come to think of it, the deepest ocean is right here in our ocean plate, come to think of it! Come on everybody, think more deeply! Think of deuterium …

What is clear to me is that “Filipino” is simply a creation, a concoction of another civilization as well as the samoans, maoris, indonesians, palauans, yapese, malaysians, mongols, tibetans, chinese, and practically all the natives of the pacific islands who had their real identities as distinct as the people of the tagalog lands.

All native inhabitants had their own beginnings and original existence as homo sapiens, in spite of all of what were written in the religious and history books.

Again, if the kawi or kavi texts chiseled in a copper leaf in the vicinity of our lumbang river were found and deciphered long ago before or at the time of the earliest manuscripts of the bible, koran, hindu and chinese, our history, particularly our tagalog, will have a different twist.

I was hoping even surmising that the scientologists have in their possession the missing leaves of a book called “sulat sa tanso” which was written in the 10th century or even earlier, but to no avail;

and who knows, existence of a more complete texts in a golden book or “sulat sa papel na ginto” which were deposited in a mysterious river or “wawa” and lakes or “lawa” may have been revealed into our consciousness through “blogs” of this kind.

But what the heck! The language that we speak now is actually tagalog-mestizo. Mention every word in the world and we will find many of them in our language and let no one argue on its origin.

Because, all the encyclopedias on phonemics or etymologies or philology of languages, whether germanic, semitic, indic, latinic, greekic or whatever whatnot geek, will always end up in arguments and the one who can speak the loudest or is more dominant, wins.

And the sad part, they might not even include our tagalog as a language.

For me to say that I am a Filipino or I speak Filipino, is only a frail acceptance of a prevailing man-made constitution in our society as it always does, and shall be a pure display of a colonial mentality.

For the shallow in mind, we can proclaim, with shame in my heart and intellect, that we have considered ourselves as Filipinos, from the word Felipinas, from the name of a king or the name of a son of a king of castille?! not “malayan”,  for we have been imprisoned for so long or never been independent in their minds.

Could it be the reason why researchers of history have been missing our authentic pre-colonial past?
because there is nothing to read for reference, and if ever there was, it could merely be a concoction of the minds of people who have the ability to spin the web of their preferred knowledge.

Deep inside me, however, I call myself as malayan, from the tagalog word malaya which originated from the lands of katagalugan, literally or liberally translated in english …  so bless me god!



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