216th blog … ice age, cancer ni pigna … parasapinga!

tulina sha, tulina sha! awit ko sa mamang bagung-bago, ho!ho!ho! … i wanna go to legoland with all the kids around to really know in their young and innocent hearts …

if imagination and hope can answer the question of man on how age and maturity change the existence
and very essense of a family to reality … –

very high appeal, a cancer’s love is one of a kind, coldly romantic, most silently caring person you will ever meet in your life.

entirely creative person, artistically insane, respectfully speaking the bluntness of being frank, extremely random and so misunderstood.

an ultimate freak, decently but sternly funny and usually the life of the party; will take you under their wings and into their hearts where you will remain forever.

cancers make love with a passion beyond compare, spontaneous, a very smart fighter, and will kick your ass good if it comes down to it.

with the temperature hovering cold, posting this entry may suggest wrong timing, nonetheless, thought i’d better post it now instead of waiting another day or two after the cold-ice breeze envelopes me, instead of waiting and hoping again for the sweltering summer months.

many may already know that blocks of ice used to be exported to manila from boston, smaller chunks of which would then be delivered house-to-house wrapped in cloth or rice husks on a horse-drawn cart.

a typically-affluent household back then spent about a thousand pesos a month to get a daily delivery, and the fortunate owners of an ice box were not the only manilans able to buy and store ice during that time.

the alternative method used to store a block of ice was wrapping it with a blanket and then putting it in the part of the house which was least cool, or inside a dry closet without any circulating air.

those ice came from the boston lakes, famous of which was wenham lake ice, so pure and very clean, as well as stayed cool longer than other ices.

it also proved suitable for putting in one’s drink or mixing with refreshing juice and local fruits.
had it not been to india’s exportation in which manila happened to be along the route, local folks back then would have never experienced any chilled refreshments or sorbet.

on average, the trip from boston to calcutta took 103 days; the record breaking time was 86 days, but how much of that ice melted?

only 38 tons of ice reached calcutta from the original 160 tons from boston, a loss of 76 percent, but the tudor ice company still made money.

before manila’s ice age, the locals enjoyed a glass of water cooled in an earthenware called tapayan.
while halo-halo might have born after such ice age.

but, a big butt! could manila be an ice-filled island long, long before an axial tilt occurred on earth?

sarap mo kagatin! nanggigigil ako sayo! aaaaahhhhh lol …

my message the italiana: “u r accepted to the pinga circle, elissabeta!
her reply: “ciao, io non capisco cosa tu scrivi, pero io credo che ci sia un po di parentela, xke anch’io faccio PINGA. io abito in ITALIA CAMPANIA” …

google translates: “hello, I do not understand what you write, but I think there is a bit of kinship, xkè I do Pinga.”

and i said: ano raw? hehehe!


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