223rd blog … artimisinin nina maryo, marya at wanay!

kamuka ng cannabis ang kwento sa artimisinin …

matutulad din ang mga ito sa kuwento ng tawa-tawa sa mga duktor na tuwang-tuwa dahil wala pang utos ang mga dambuhalang botika sa mga albularyong ayaw tumanggi sa gamot ng dinggi!

artemisia annua has been used by herbalists for more than two thousand years in the treatment of many illnesses, like malaria, and other skin diseases.

even china claims the same since 200 BC, while other pacific islands that must probably be more ancient, have already proven the efficacy of these natural herbs.

artemisia annua is a common herb and has been found in many parts of the world, even in potomac river, washington, D.C. so they claim, and, of course, in many other unnamed areas in the far east long before it was ever known in the west.

this plant was withheld by multinational drug companies for reasons only they knew, inspite of the continued usage of the inhabitants in the south-east since the start of time.

access to the purified drug and the plant from which it was extracted were restricted by western governments upon dictation of interest by you know who. such as monsanto.

until the late 1970s and early 80s, the news were published in a medical journal, and similarly, after decades of denial, a weed they called cannabis is being reported now as actual medicine.

at first, the news was met with skepticism partly because of the chemical property of the peroxide that appeared to be too unstable in artimisinin.

In the late 90s, a combination treatment with artemether and lumefantrine that provided the first artemisinin-based combination therapies was patented.

after the said drugs became the treatment of choice for malaria, WHO called for an immediate halt in 2006 to single-drug artemisinin preparations, in favor of combinations of artemisinin with another malaria drug.
the reason was to reduce the risk of parasites developing resistance in the preparation, so they said.

cures for cancer, like damong maria, are hidden because chemotherapy is a trillion dollar industry , malaysia’s “ulam raja” that is eaten raw and ilocanos’ irbaka, and so on and forth, will be kept in their vaults until the west finds time to reveal them as theirs …

and they will give awards to their own medical research or discovery, like in 2011, or shall be considered for a nobel prize in medicine by some quarters claimed as a final act.

bakit ayaw ninyong tumingin-tingin sa paligid-ligid at baka makita ninyo ang halamang-gamot na tinawag nilang artimisinin, para magkaroon din kayo ng award!

O, sige, maghahalungkat ako sa ating mga ilog, bundok at gubat, kapag wala akong makurakot sa yahoo at google, para naman matigil na ang panggigigil ng mga albularyong duktor! heheheh!


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