256th blbg … bakbakan sa ufc puro ketsup!

ufc will be 10 years now since its inception in 2005 …

before that year, combat sports without sticks, knives or guns were all over the places on earth, as naturally and ordinarily practiced by men and women of the world …

and much prior to these years, the native inhabitants of kalilaya, the old and ancient kingdom in an island of gold, were the epitome of security and order all over luzon, as peacemakers or “mandirigma” for the kingdom of mabunga.

the natives of kalilaya became popular in the island of luzon in a kind of brotherhood with the noblemen of Mabunga that was ruled by two brothers, made three by christianity for their fabled “three wise kings”.

The siblings were descendants of a king and a dayang-dayang identified as haring nga ang dayang pi …

the europeans called the group of islands in the pacific as far east that never was a part of asia, but simply a mystifying peaceful place which they call now as pangaea …

people of other far away lands called the tagalog mandirigma as warriors and to some as trouble makers, a misnomer during the time of the famed spartans of europe …

the native tagalog considered the moves and action for offense and defense  an art, and they called it “kali” from the name of the “lalawigang kalilaya” which literally meant “province of freedom fighters” …

another tagalog word for kali is “bakbakan” which involved expertise in several acts, such as “pambuno, suntukan, sipaan, sikuhan, uluhan, kalmutan, kurutan, murahan, intrigahan, siraan o duraan”

also the name arnis which was actually patterned from “kali” with the use of rattan or any stick, came to be known soon and popular later on.

the kingdom of mabunga was in direct conflict with the matriarchal ruling clan of kumintang with aspiring dominion over the the inhabitants of the whole island.

the subjugated kumintangs were disciplined by the mandirigma of kalilaya, while the kingdoms of iloko and bikol were in the sideline waiting for the most opportune time to gain upper hand in controlling the whole island of gold.

the same ambition was being nurtured by the vidjayans (sri-vidjaya) and the maryapahitans (madjpahit) who were basically muslims and hindus from beyond the seas.

the chinese were also at the waiting line for their own time to take over luzon.

basically, the ancient name of streets that was “daang hari” actually referred to the marchings of king’s men in the island during those forgotten times, unknown to the europeans who came to our lands.

these “daang-hari” were the elevated portions of lands used by the travelling natives, that were later on transformed to “daang-bakal”, and many other names in the present time, e.g. edsa, c5, commonwealth, dsaa, shaw, ortigas and a lot, lot more.

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