278th blog … puerto azul?

… what is life!?! … life is simply having a flint and a lighter fluid for my zippo! … just that!

… lighting a cigarette, inhaling the smoke as we walked the grass of the fairways with a select bunch of golf buddies; drinking sprees and returning back to the glory that once was mine just to waddle under the sea alone or in two …

… puerto azul was once dubbed as asia’s paradise resort” o world’s golfing capital, but why?.

… a 3,300-hectare resort complex in Ternate, Cavite, developed by the Ternate Development Corp. and designed by Sea Pines Associates back in 1980, the complex was that rare natural gem that offers both mountain and beach attractions.

… the Puerto Azul Golf & Country Club hosted some of the most high-profile tournaments of the prestigious Philippine Open

… golf legend gary player designed Its 18-hole, par-72 golf course as both picturesque and challenging with the course layout taking the players through natural forests.

… the signature Hole No. 17 plays against a stunning view of the Manila Bay as golfers shoot across the sea to reach the green.

… but the golf course has dried up due to lack of irrigation … also in the complex was the Puerto Azul Beach Hotel, with 340 rooms scattered across 17 concrete clusters … that hotel was also known for its food at its restaurants La Parilla and Café Ternate.

… Boulevard Holdings Inc. (BHI) of the Panlilio family had grand plans for Puerto Azul, including creating an exclusive residential community with waterfront retail outlets and restaurants and a ferry service to Manila until the late 1990’s.

… today, some of the cottages have been transformed into concrete rooms.

… it seems the re-development of this once luxurious getaway is again on track after BHI disclosed to the Philippine Stock Exchange that it has entered into a deal with property giant Ayala Land Inc. for parcels of land worth P2.3 billion in the Ternate property.

… BHI said Ayala Land would develop “a high-end mixed-used community” using the Ayala Land Premier brand.

… but the question still remains, how did the panlilio family happen to own the ternate site of the puerto azul?

… how? the family probably applied and paid for the ownership or title for the said lands … but only they would know …

… a long long time ago, cavite was either kawit or kabit (like kawi or kabi of the ancient tagalog texts) or maragondon, but i don’t really know …

… and ternate was not ternate at that time … the only ternate then that i know of was the island of maluku, indonesia, south of the sarangani island of davao …

… so the names and ownership of the lands in cavite shall be a very long story… and i posed the question: how did they happen to own the site? …

… was it an ancestral domain? or, were they the original chavacanos commissioned by a spanish governor for assistance in manila but were driven out by the tagalog natives for a forced settlement in that resort? …

… or, they were actually the descendants of the kapampangan mandirigma who returned to tagalog homeland after a long stay in the far south for a mission?

… it was said that the panlilio clan came from three distinct families in Mexico, San Fernando, and Bacolor towns … there was also a claim that the originals came from Portugal with the name that rhymes with “Panlilho”.

… the first record of the name was in early 1800s in pampanga …

… also, rustan’s and a certain legendary international jeweler Fe S. Panlilio, much associated with the glitters of imelda of the Marcos years, are very much remembered even today and cannot be erased from the memory anymore.

… last but not the least, there was a donation of a mansion and heirlooms to the magnificent “museo de la salle” in dasmarinas, cavite …

… this could be one of the reasons why and how the panlilio family was able to acquire so many ownerships of lands aside from puerto azul site in ternate, cavite …


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