279th blog … me pamagat na! cardeliz! o elicar! o careli! bagay ba? … baka naman, tutu ni trudis?

tutu wearing julia princess ballerina with bunny ears

I’m so proud of joy for finishing a 42K run but prouder of rico for running side by side with her to make sure of a grand finish of the ny run — if that’s not love!!!

… but, trudis died so that another may live, how long can anyone endure the sweetness of life while the other one saves a mortal soul, and that is love, indeed …

our first apartment in albuquerque, while we wait for Julia’s hair to grow out in el paso …

during my time, laughter was the best medicine and the most remembered singing comic duo was the reycard duet of ramirez and castro, entertaining audiences for over 40 years …

the dashing singer combined  with the fun of a comic man provided the comedy in every performance from 1954 to 1997 that ended when ramirez died, and later castro in las vegas in 2003

the duo first teamed up in 1953 during a singing contest in quiapo winning first prize, then decided started calling their act as reycard duet, the most famous entertainers at the clover and manila grand of the island of luzon

the beatles’ performance in july 1966 at rizal stadium needed the introduction of reycard along with a few of the local entertainers in order to make a certain mark in the history of a first lady being snubbed.

In the 1960s reycard used the united sates as their base which became their home for more than 40 years,  long before arnel, before leah, before charice Pempengco …  there was the reycard duet.

they were the first filipinos to make it big in the U.S. with nothing but their pure  brand of comedy and musical style, without a manager like oprah, no youtube to display their talent and no money to fall back on to had they failed.

they were regulars in town fiestas with their tried and tested comedy-music formula,  an unceremonious impressive voices with rey doing do most of the singing part and carding the comedy part.

In the late ’60s, they hit they jackpot when they scored a show in Las Vegas, but not at par with international standards in the eyes of a total arrogant, insensitive filipino jerks.

They would start out like matchsticks and woke up in an instant like a 36-month pregnant woman, yet, they were fully acclaimed as full-pledged performers abroad.

They did not have those pretentious american/british-accent,  in fact, they did not speak english that well. They went on stage night after night to sing songs and deliver spontaneous comedy in a completely awesome way.

Their reputation spread across america faster than the beatles, while lionel richie, chicago, the eagles, elvis presly and the rest of the american stars were lining up just to see their their shows and performances.

Just a slap on the face of non-believers, carding married lana turner,  and the mouth, no matter how you laugh at it, kissed the mouth of the one of the prettiest faces in hollywood.

Another singular performer during my lifetime is none other than elizabeth ramsey who was born in san carlos city, negros oriental, the natural child a jamaican merchant marine who jumped ship and made his home mindanao.

At the age of 16, she started singing with a band, traveling from town to town in fiestas and barrio festivities throughout the island of Negros. With visions of fortune, perhaps not so much of fame, she ran away from her mother’s home, shipped out of negros and landed in manila.

She was soon married off by her father to a black man of jamaican heritage.   She once said “papaano ako magkaroon ng boyfriend, tirador ang dala ko sa eskuwela, sa buong san carlos, walang lumigaw sa akin.”

Yet, she got married and relocated to cebu and this is why she is often thought to be a native cebuana. She sailed again for manila to enter student canteen amateur singing contest in 1958 in the popular tv show hosted by leila, eddie and bobby, and won.

Ramsey was immediately offered a slot at the manila grand opera house where, after a short stint, she was quickly grabbed by don jose zarah, the spanish portuguese impresario who reigned at the rival theater, clover, and soon she ruled as the queen of rock and roll, a title given to her by the members of the press during the time.

Performing with ramsey at the clover were the reycard duet, eddie mesa, the elvis of the philippines, comedians like aruray, casmot and balot.

She did her share of performing for US soldiers in american bases here and even got to sing on the USS Enterprise for wounded american vietnam vets.

As early as 1961, she began performing in las vegas and different parts of the the USA, met sammy davis who called her his baby, a lady who is full of gold!   Shewas the first filipino to become a star in the philippine festival las vegas production of steve parker, husband of hirley mcClaine.

In a concert in San Francisco with Pilita Corrales, Carmen Soriano, Bert “Tawa” Marcelo, Ramsey appeared with Jaya who astounded Pilita with her singing.

Elizabeth once said “I didn’t want anyone but Jaya to be my emcee,  Ayoko na si Bert Tawa ang mag-introduce sa akin kasi lagi niya akong sinasambit sa pangit at unggoy. Ayoko ko nang nababastos. Kilala na kasi ako sa America and they love me so much.”

The rest is history.  So sad that there was never a point in time that i witnessed elizabeth and carding of the reycard do their act together as one on stage.

They were two separate icons which could bring our tears to laughter, and its best to leave them alone separate from each other in order not to bring down the house literally.

O, ano? kaya nyo bayon?


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