284th blog … the game of geo-politics, laro ng mga mandarambong!

geo-politics anyone? but a child will never understand it! …

“I’m gonna tell God everything” said by a 3 year old syrian tells a story about the pain and suffering in syria right now, while the controlled-media on the other side would always claim that the country head is a ruthless killer.

like other government leaders – the president of syria engaged in a war that resulted the death of tens of thousands and the displacement of over one million citizens now living in refugee camps.

the inevitable result of a covert war being waged by the U.S., israel and other sunni countries like qatar and saudi arabia, on the other side of the coin, is noticeable.

but, can the consciousness of mankind reveal that this is all about geo-politics?.

if syria is taken out – iranian influence in the region will be neutralized, and syrians will ultimately stand as the victims in this massive global covert proxy war.

the world will not even know if chemical weapons were used by al-qaeda or the opposing government, simple because It is very hard to discern truth from fiction when it comes to political and/or military propaganda.

but no one can deny that syria was a very stable country when the negotiators of peace and order decided to go in with all guns blazing.

there is no music of democracy to the world, only the sound of imperialism, and this scenario could very well the same in a country called the philippines, as in the case of the imperialistic hacienda luisita in tarlac transferring its hold in manila.

the same as the coming over of the U.S. in manila just to show beijing its own interest in geo-politics concerning the spratleys and other small islands nearby, which is just a repetition of the same greed in the past.

china’s interest in senkuku island or diaoyutai or diaoyu between formosa and okinawa is just the same game, and russia’s interest in crimea in ukraine is the same banana.

while in the pacific, it is becoming very obvious that their common interest is pointed to the philippine deep, the source of deuterium that the whole world is coming to realize now.

any one that dominates or controls the philippine shall become the true ruler of the world, and that one should start first from the adjoining smaller islands all within the philippine responsibility.

the kingdom of spain felt that intoxicating dominance in the world when it ruled the pacific seas for more than three hundred years, by stealing the proprietary right of the tagalog kingdom.

The country of the far west that is the u.s. started its own ultimate goal for power and greed over the philippines, in the marianas islands and other islands in the far east in the instant past, that made them number one.

The rest of the european countries did the same exercise of dominion over the races on earth, and Japan did the same quest but failed, and so china now is trying its best to win in this game of chance.

But U.K. and U.S. will always be there to play the game, the game that only the fools can play. And the recent coming of the ruler of the vatican in manila shall continue to prove otherwise.


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