286th blog … hail the holy grail!

The earliest spelling of the word grail is graal from old french graal or greal, meaning “a cup or bowl of earth, wood or metal”.

The most commonly accepted etymology derives it from latin gradalis or gradale via an earlier form, cratalis, a derivative of crater or cratus which was, in turn, borrowed from greek krater or a large wine-mixing vessel.

Alternate suggestions include a derivative of cratis, a name for a type of woven basket that came to refer to a dish, or a derivative of latin gradus meaning “‘by degree or stages”, applied to a dish brought to the table in different stages or services during a meal.

In one story, galahad, illegitimate son of lancelot and elaine, the world’s greatest knight and the grail bearer at the castle of corbenic, is destined to achieve the grail, his spiritual purity making him a greater warrior than even his illustrious father.

Galahad and the other knights could very well be the ancestors of so-called knights templar and the famed crusaders,   and the interpretation in the 15th century remains popular today.

In old french, san graal or san gréal means “holy grail” and sang réal means “royal blood”; later writers played on this pun. For old tagalog, by the way, “royal blood” would mean “dugong maginoo” which in true sense of the word, actually existed in a forgotten tagalog kingdom of mabunga.

Since then, “sang real” is the holy grail to them. Connection with royal blood bore fruit in a modern bestseller linking many historical conspiracy theories.

However, modern writers claimed that there is a code for sang real.

Meanwhile, conspiracy theorists reveal that the holy grail was never a real cup, but instead a reference to mary magdalene, wife of jesus and bearer of his child, and this is another theory or story.

Even famous writer dan brown theorized on the mary magdalene being the wife of jesus based on the excluded manuscripts of the bible which were found somewhere in the dead sea that they discovered just recently, so they say.

Those writers were able to come up with a family of guardians of the said secret about magdalene who were being kept silent by the vatican itself in order not sow a worldwide religious intrigue to undermine the factuality of the christian bible, according to a book i was able to read in the past.

Of course, historians around the mediterrenean sea would not deny that in our own island in the far east, the tagalog baybayin was very much alive during that time when they decided to reconcile all the gospels that they discovered and confiscated from all over the globe.

And who knows, our own “sulat sa papel na tanso, pilak at ginto” could very well be included in those volumes of manuscripts that they studied in the first vatican of constantine to come up with the first bible.

O, ano raymond, happy ka na ba? heheheh!


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