292nd blog … batu-balani ng mundo at ang dimonyong tatsulok daw!

First and foremost, people should know the difference between true north and magnetic north before dealing with any devil’s triangle of the seas, to avoid myths and stories.

The gate of hell of dan brown that was rebuked by one filipino bishop is one example of selfish interpretation by human senses.

Such gate could be a door going to the core of the earth which they could consider as hell, while the island of luzon is very nearby the deepest sea in the world which makes it the most practical or easy route to reach hell.

One famous Triangle is a line that connects the islands of Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Florida. PR btw was where melvin, jill and julia lived for a while.

The Bermuda Triangle has long been believed to be the site where a number of mysterious plane and boat incidents have occurred.

While it has become part of popular culture to link the Bermuda Triangle to paranormal activity, most investigations indicate bad weather and human error are the more likely culprits.

Research has suggested that many original reports of strange incidents in the Bermuda Triangle were exaggerated and that the actual number of incidents in the area is similar to that of other parts of the ocean.

While its reputation may scare some people, the Bermuda Triangle is actually part of a regularly sailed shipping lane with cruise ships and other boats also frequently sailing through the area.

Aircraft are also common in the Bermuda Triangle with both private and commercial planes commonly flying through the air space.

Stories of unexplained disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle started to reach public awareness around 1950 and have been consistently reported since then.

Unverified supernatural explanations for Bermuda Triangle incidents have included references to UFO’s and even the mythical lost continent of Atlantis.

Other explanations have included magnetic anomalies, pirates, deliberate sinkings, hurricanes, gas deposits, rough weather, huge waves and human error.

But being more subjective to the topic of triangle, we can also mention the triangle of manila, auckland and hawaii where accidents also have occurred in the distant past.

We can also consider the triangle of manila, guam and hiroshima in small scale but equally horrendous of accidents and mystifying occurrences.

Remember the unexplained disappearance of the first american woman who flew the atlantic alone and celebrated to become famous, but disappeared somewhere in the pacific seas in her next solo flight. There must be that kind of a triangle in the pacific seas, don’t you think so?

Or, consider the many triangles in our own islands of luzon, visayas and mindanao where submerging of ships, crashing of plans and other disappearances have been chronicled to sow sorrows.

The Bermuda Triangle’s bad reputation started with Christopher Columbus. when he looked down at his compass and noticed that it was giving weird readings.

But first, let the people know that the “Devil’s Triangle” in the Devil’s Sea somewhere within the vicinity of the philippine deep is one of the two places on earth that a magnetic compass does point towards true north.

It is true that some exceptional magnetic values have been reported within the Triangle, but none to make the Triangle more unusual than any other place on earth.

Because the number of disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle is no greater than any other similarly trafficked area of the world’s oceans, they don’t really need an explanation.

But if you’re still convinced that the Triangle is a ship graveyard, relative to other regions that get around the same number of travelers, there are some natural explanations to combat some of the “alien” and other fantastical theories.

Also, one can also marvel about mediterranean myths and stories of the past very much similar to the carribean’s.

Take your pick and make your own story, that’s what internet is for, heheheh!


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