296th blog … land grabbing … kamkaman ng lupa …

This happened in manila, this also happened in the entire island of luzon, and this is still happening now.

But an Ati chieftain never believed it would come to this, said a gaunt woman with a serious gaze and pink comb sticking out of her curly hair.

“Only one thing is for sure: this is about the land.”

After years of being evicted from one end of the island to the other, in 2011 the tribe won a government-issued certificate of ancestral land title on a 2.1-hectare seafront site – prime real estate potentially worth up to £800 per sq meter.

But three other claimants, among them property developers, hotel owners and investors, contested the decision, saying they owned partial, or full, rights to the site.

One claimant, J King and Sons, which operates three hotels in Boracay, including the Crown Regency resort, already had big plans for the land granted to the Atis: 50 villas with a yacht club, and exclusive snorkeling and diving access.

Not long after the tribe moved on to its newly won ancestral land, armed security guards from the Crown Regency came to tear down a fence the Atis had built there, claiming the land belonged to the hotel instead.

Another one was gunned down and the murdere was known. But under Filipino law, suspects have to be arrested within two days of their alleged crime in order to be searched.

As it took officers a few days to find murderer, he has still not been subjected to tests, nor has his property been searched, and little evidence has been collected to support the case.

For days leading up to his murder charge, he was still working at a “jungle bar” abutting the Atis’ plot. “He was just sitting there, looking at us,” said one Ati .

This is the story of lands in the panay island. This is the story of lands in the visayas and mindanao … and this is exactly the story of the all the lands all over luzon.

Land grabbing is the name of the game and the one who wins has the money to support his/her claim.

Money is the root of all evils. Control the church and the media and one can definitely have the control of the government.

And this is a very very sad truth. And this is for this reason alone that the chinese can continue to landgrab all the islands in the philippine west sea, as allowed by a chinese-president of the philippines.

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