297th blog … row, row, row your boat …

alam natin ang RORO galing sa roll on-roll off, pero ang LOLO alam nyo? … lift on-lift off ito na gumagamit ng crane to load into and unload from the carrying sea vessel.

Ang acronym naman na ROPAX (roll-on/roll-off passenger) describes a RORO vessel built for freight vehicle transport along with passenger accommodation.

Eh, ang CONRO vessel naman daw at hybrid ng RORO and a container ship. This type of vessel has a below-deck area used for vehicle storage while stacking containerized freight on the top decks.

At eto pa ang isa, ang ROLO (roll-on/lift-off), a hybrid vessel type, with ramps serving vehicle decks but with other cargo decks only accessible when the tides change or by the use of a crane.

Para lang tayong niroroko sa mga acronyms ng ingles, heheheh!


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