333th blog … e.nope v/s kumon, korea v/s japan … heheheh!

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Eye Level Learning is a children’s education and tutoring founded in 1976 in Seoul. It offers supplementary educational programs from Daekyo. It is also named “Noonnoppi” “eye level”, and formerly known as E.nopi.

Developed by Dr. Young Joong Kang, the learning system helps children master every concept through individualized coaching based on each child’s ability, which is the core of its philosophy.

Eye Level nurtures self-confident, self-motivated and creative problem solvers who master not only arithmetic operations, but also critical thinking.

The program consists of Basic and Critical Thinking Math, Eye Level English which includes 4 main concepts (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) and Eye Level Korean.

As a result, Eye Level has significantly grown both in the numbers of centers and student enrollment throughout North America and Asia. More than 2.5 million children in 16 countries have benefited from the Eye Level program.

Eye Level Learning centers are located around the world, including Korea, Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, the United States, and Vietnam.

Kumon san of Japan, where are you now? …


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