346th blog … half-truth, half-lies

… half-truth and half-lies of marcos’ story! … the other half was the wife, meldy! heheheh! … i did not know about the hiring of pr firms by cory, but this could be another truth! … another truth was that the repossession of hacienda luisita was being started that time … and the rest is another story! …

“… strong words from you mr. manny santos … but you seem to keep repeating the learnings you’ve got from the yellow society. History is written by the victors but it is not necessarily the truth.

Don’t you know that cory aquino hired more than twenty local and international PR firms to destroy marcos’ reputation and therefore brainwashed people like you using the government money.

The treasury was in good hand when marcos left and it was cory and her cronies who emptied it for selfish agenda.

Also, don’t you know that the US was the brain behind marcos ouster, simply because of marcos vision for independency both political and economical as seen by the unprecedented economic progress and developments at the time, hence, the debt.

Pretty much you are no aware that the government of japan and various banks, the IMF , world bank included, where we have borrowed money, absolved Marcos and found that all those borrowed money went to legitimate projects.

You may not admit it but pretty much everything you’re enjoying right now are the brainchild of Marcos – from hospital, transportation, road and infrastructure, government establishments, schools and universities, power and energy, agriculture like dams and irrigation

and how about your 13th month pay and being a permanent worker and protected by the labor code, laws and presidential decrees that up to now we are benefiting from them.

You should realize that most of these developments happened during the martial law period. Well, we can go at great length about the achievements and false allegations against Marcos but then again and still, you will believe want you to believe.

The sad truth is those who get their info from the media and yellow school and don’t bother to research and corroborate their claims, they are the louder.” ..

PhotoJill Pinga-Cruz's photo.Jill Pinga-Cruz's photo.

Jill Pinga-Cruz's photo.Jill Pinga-Cruz's photo.PhotoPhotoPhoto

Lulu Victoria Somiya …  may kapatid pala,,,, di n sya lungkot,,

345th blog … tamtaks sa tuktok ni wanay na ginawang alamang! … singkamas at talong, sigarilyas at mani; sitaw, bataw at butaw; pataw, ikapu, buwis na buwisit, abuloy, taks taks, taks taks   …  tamtaks sa tuktok ni wanay!

344th blog … 2nd half of september/12 … katalina, katalina! hey, joy, hav u tried umamiburger@thegrove, so yummy, jejeje! … also, try my birthday in lotto matched w/urs so u can buy mommy a caddy-lakad, hahaha!

343rd blog … tulang putul-putol parakay bonifacio …. para sa aking mga kaaway at magiging kaaway pa na gagawa at mag-iisip sa akin ng masama, sana ay sumakit ang mga gilagid ninyo, gambalain kayo ng kirot gabi-gabi ng inyong mga ngiping unti-unt…

342nd blog … oknob ng dose sa ibang lupa … Thanks for making us laugh all the time, silly birthday girl! We love you Maxiecorn! November 4, 2012 near North Glendale, CA, United States … one who gives me goodwill shall receive a thousandfo…

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340th blog … ama namin, amen …  lola, anak at mga apo — … thank you for the gift of life, for lending us your strength through thick and thin, for always guiding us with your silent wisdom. papa and daddy, you both rock! happy…

339th blog … murang mahal, mahal na mura, murahan na lang! … mamili tayo kung ano tayo dito sa mga sumusunod: EPAL – colloquial transliteration of “pumapapel” that means unwelcome; mistaken to refer to the same penile discharge…

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