376th blog … turd tip tip tip tip … taliptip ng mga buwaya, 4th of july! heheheh!

  1. tipping!

    A tip is generally expected when you go out to eat. And even good servers get stiffed sometimes. When the service is shitty, some give at least a couple of bucks, and say so.

    But there are those who give a plain and simple no. People can expect something but they have to earn it.

    For some, a shitty tip makes a bigger impact than no tip but they look cheap and classless.

    Tips make up a major part of their income. Waiters are not slaves. You can cook and serve your own damn food at home but you better not come back to that restaurant. Waiters have long memories and can make your dinning experience very miserable.

    Unlike the rest of the western world, waiters get paid less than 50% of the minimum wage and they make up the difference in tips from the customers. So in America when one does not tip, it heavily affect the income.

    Btw, “twat” is entirely different than “boys” and “guys”, but calling a person a “sir’ or “madam” is much much better tip. Shitty service equals shitty tip and it is how tip works?

    4th of July
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