377th blog … pabersday kuto kay maggie, ehe! sa presidenteng abnoy pala, heheheh!

You swear to uphold and defend the constitution, do you not?

You become the president of the philippines, do you not?

As president you employed the brightest lawyers, do you not?

You hide yourself and use  “good faith” in breaking the law while using the “pork barrel”, do you not?

DAP is not covered by the constitution, but as a president you covered it, did you not?

You alone are above the law, are you not?

You will pass the blame to your bright lawyers-staff to exonerate yourself, will you not?

You alone are above the law, are you not? You alone are above the law, are you not?

Kanino mo ipapasa ang pagkakasala mo? kay Abad o kay Drilon na kabarkada mo?
O, kina Estrada, Enrile o Revilla na kakontra mo para ipako sa krus?

O, ang pinakamadali, kina Luy and Lim na mga bataan mo?

There is no good faith or bad faith in the constitution. Even the hardest and common criminals know by heart that it is guilty or not guilty as far as the laws are concerned.

The supreme court already proclaimed that you are guilty.

You are a butas na donut, are you not? butas ba sa gitna ng ulo o butas sa gitna ng katawan ng nautas na batas na dapat mo bang matalastas?

Pork Barrel is a government money or funds allocation by politicians without going through the normal budgetary process.

This system started since the time of inception of the republic during the spanish and american occupation.

Marcos stopped it daw but introduced a new system of corruption. Your mother, cory, reintroduced it in 1986.

The Development Assistance Program has had different names the Countryside Development Fund, Congressional Initiative Fund, and the Priority Development Assistance Fund.

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo made the DAP the source of corruption that became syndicated.

In turn, Noynoy Aquino used his DAP or pork barrel to impeach the chief of the supreme court which is the third highest branch of his government, via a political court..

Noynoy also used the PDAF to dismember opposition in the second branch of his government, and sought conviction of senators from the ombudsman.

And the dejavu, the DAP is also proclaimed by the supreme court as illegal and unconstitional.

But, Noynoy Aquino cannot be impeached by his party mates in congress in contrast to what was done to the members of the opposition that committed the very same crime.

Now, where are we all going to? sa nagmamantikang kawa ng mga aquino para tayo ay maipritong buung-buo ng kanyang diyaryo’t telebisyon sa udyok nina korining at kriring?

Si erap inimpeach dahil daw sa suhol sa jueteng ni lord singson.  Ang jueteng pinapaligal ni erap katulad ng lotto, pero kinontra ng simbahan at ng mga kalaban.

Ang pera sa jueteng, hindi pera ng gobyerno.  Kaya kung tumanggap ng pera si erap galing sa jueteng, tiyak hindi pera ng gobyerno yun.  Pero napaalis din nila sa puwesto si erap sa tulong ng yellow propaganda.

Kaya umasa tayo na aandar na naman ng husto ang propagandang kulay dilaw para ipawalang-sala ang aquino-cojuangco. Dios ko! mahabagin ka ba talaga?

… apo sa tuhod ng kapatid ko, kaya apo ko rin sa tuhod o talampakan, heheheh!

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