380th blog … evolution ng daang patuwad, bow!

… nagdagdag na naman sila sa pinagsimulan ng tao … bukod pa sa mga unggoy, meron pa raw isa … heheheh!

… evolutionary tree for modern humans is really a mess – genetic analyses on bone fragments from neanderthals and denisovans have given us new insight into our not-so-distant evolutionary past.

… a new one interbreed with modern homo sapiens, but they also mated with an unidentified fourth hominin group according to them.

… about 200,000 years ago were the neanderthals who emerged around the same time as the homo sapiens …

and they thought that the last common ancestor of  Homo sapiens and Neanderthals existed around 400,000 years ago …

… lately, they realized that there are people with ancestries outside of africa that could have gotten about 2% of their genomes from somewhere.

… right now, they are still uncertain on the identity of this newest human group and their best bet is from asia.

… but, why not from the southeast that the europeans merely included as part of asia, but was actually not part of any known continent in the beginning, according to me?, heheheh!

… why? heheheh again!

… simple lang sa mga tagalog ang pinagsimulan ng tao – ang apat na elemento: lupa, hangin, init at tubig na hindi na dapat pinag-awayan …

… kung anu-anong hokuspokus at abrakadabrang mga salita ang pilit pinakakabisa sa mga timawa para daw dumunong pero ang nangyayari lalong bumobobo at nawawalan ng laman ang isip ng mga mamamayang sangkatutak ang mga limatik ng utak na tumatagaktak sa lusak!

  1. 376th blog … turd tip tip tip tip … taliptip ng mga buwaya, 4th of july! heheheh!
  2. tipping! A tip is generally expected when you go out to eat. And even good servers get stiffed sometimes. When the service is shitty, some give at least a couple of bucks, and say so …
  3. Happy birthday America! Happy Independence day! 
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  5. … heavenly kings vermicelli roll with pig’s liver; vermicelli roll with shrimp; steamed prawn dumpling; deep fried wasabi salad prawn dumpling; glutinous rice with lotus leaf; congee with lean pork, century egg and salted egg; poached fresh…
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