407th blog … ang hang, bow!

tip para sa taliptip ng sili ng mga bikolano …                                                                                                                           silly, silly, silly like vindaloo of hindu …                                                                                                                                       really spicy chilli will make the body sweat profusely and instinctively need water to cool off.

most people do know that milk can do a lot better, but why milk and not water, your go-to pain relief after a spicy curry?

capsaicin has a long hydrocarbon tail that binds strongly with lipoprotein receptors on the tongue; capsaicin does not dissolve in water, so water can do only a little help, but it does dissolve in alcohol and vegetable oils.

beer is not very alcoholic, but stronger drinks may help more, but there’s a limit to how much alcohol you can have to do away with the extreme spicy taste..

the traditional cure is mammal’s milk which contains casein, a fat-loving substance that essentially has a detergent effect on the capsaicin, just like soap has on grease.

but it has to be mammal’s milk – coconut milk does not contain casein.


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