417th blog … bisyo ang showbiz! heheheh!


The medical doctors and the internet can always buzz about a video that shows the difference in lung function between a smoker and non-smoker to elevate more the anti-smoking messages to a whole other level.

The only valid reason that i can see in the so called advocacy is the foul smell and the smoke itself that can be inhaled by non-smokers.

Just imagine the smell and smoke left behind in an enclosed room and the feeling of annoyance of non-smokers, esp. of the unheeded doctors, that the smokers generate.

But that is beside the point. What is more important is the truth about smoking and the lies that have been shown and heard.

The visual is shocking and a pretty convincing argument against picking up the cigs, but sad to say, it is not totally accurate to the more discerning viewers.

Similar to another video that was seen using two lung specimens showing clearly the unhealthy (because of tobacco smoke) and the healthy, without really saying that the said lungs were taken from dead persons that obviously died many weeks apart.

One is obviously rotten while the other is still fresh.

Admittedly, inhaling polluted air irrefutably damages lungs but the unhealthy lung used in the video is slightly misleading.

It is not a typical smoker’s lung. While the mass could really be a tumor or scarring from severe infection and smoking-related, but it is not just a regular smoker’s lung.

Besides, the lungs could be coming from different-sized persons. Smoker’s lung would never have been able to get as big as the healthy person which is over six feet as opposed to the other being less than five feet.

Focusing on the least telling aspect of lung function of letting the air being pumped in, yet forgetting the fact the the key difference between the lungs of an actual smoker and non-smoker is when the air goes out.

That is when emphysema, a condition that affects most but not limited to smokers but also to non-smokers but not all.

Emphysema is the breakdown of the connective tissue in the lungs, making them unable to process oxygen and carbon dioxide as efficiently, and attributed to so many reasons, including but not limited to smoking.

When smokers have emphysema, their lungs actually get bigger and empty more slowly because they trap the due to several reasons reasons.

A doctor cannot really make an exact diagnosis, and the easiest culprit to end a medical issue is the tobacco smoke

The air that is not released very well can damage the lungs resulting to inability to deflate fully rather than their inability to inflate all the way.

Although the message is correct that smoking damages your body in so many ways normally just like the others, whether you have a social puff here and there or are going through a pack a day, the means of disseminating information can be very misleading that is tantamount to another conspiracy.

It was said that tagalog bisyo comes from showbiz that we all know. And i also know that vices are very natural for men and women since birth.

The more important thing to me is the tagalog sawikain: ang anumang labis ay masama … kasama na ang sobrang linis, sobrang ganda, sobrang tama at lahat-lahat na, at baligtarin lamang ay masama rin, sapagkat tayo ay mga tao lamang.

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