433rd blog … a mouthfull

… found some mouthful headlines and press releases that tickled my lucid yet senile imagination, which could do the same to yours …

girls’ schools still offering ‘something special’ – head;

republicans turned off by the size of obama’s package;

lady jack off to hot start in conference;

man eats underwear to beat breathanalyzer;

threat disrupts plans about threats;

alton attorney accidentally sues himself;

city unsure why sewer smells;

utah poison control center reminds everyone not to take poison;

state prisons to replace easy-open locks;

statistics show that teen pregnancy drops off significantly after age 25;

one-armed man applauds the kindness of strangers;

17 remain dead in morgue shooting spree;

midget sues grocer, cites belittling remarks;

missippi’s litteracy program shows improvement;

man accused of killing lawyer receives a new attorney;

mayor parris to homeless: go home;

federal agents raid gun shop, find weapons;

most earthquake damage is caused by shaking;

diana was still alive hours before she died;

dead body found in cemetery;

bugs flying around with wins are flying bugs;

county to pay 250,000 dollars to advertise lack of funds …

something very similar to: hindi ako bobong tulad mo, o hindi sila tangang tulad nyo!                       ang ibig sabihin eh pareho silang hindi bobo o kapwa sila tanga! ano ba talaga?!? … heheheh!

Parasa Pinga's photo.Parasa Pinga's photo.
Parasa Pinga's photo.
    1. Jill Pinga-Cruz's photo.
      Jill Pinga-Cruz's photo.
      Jill Pinga-Cruz's photo.
      kamusta ka, aleng maganda?
      batang maliit, saan ang punta mo?
      happy birthday to my one and only daddy!!! i love you dad and will be here for you no matter what  p.s. i was supposed to post this before midnight yesterday in time for your birthday but guess what, i fell asleep!!! sorry dad!!
      Rizalina de Jesus's photo.
      Meanne Lantin-Pinga's photo.
Jill Pinga-Cruz's photo.
Jill Pinga-Cruz's photo. Parasa Pinga's photo.

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