450th blog … blue ribbon – yellow ribbon na sa fukuokang malapit sa okinawa dahil puro hangin!

blue ribbon is supposedly a symbol of high quality that comes from the blue riband, a prize awarded for the fastest crossing of the atlantic ocean by passenger liners.

before that, there was cordon bleu referring to the blue ribbon worn by a particular order of knights or in simple term, gentlemen or noblemen.

also, blue ribbons have been used as awareness ribbons for numerous different causes such as protection of free speech, awareness of chronic fatigue syndrome or neurofibromatosis.

it is the symbol of an anti-tobacco, anti-second hand smoke campaign and can be the symbol of testicular cancer awareness or campaign against terrorism.

blue ribbon can also represent solidarity or a protest against what is perceived as the seizure of power.
the term also refers to an electorate, state, or area that is considered safe for a conservative party, or a symbol against abduction between countries.

in spring 2007, thousands of world bank employees started wearing blue ribbons as a symbol of support for the cause of good governance, a silent protest against its president who had to step down later due to charges of nepotism.

blue ribbons are also symbols for several disorders like crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, gastrointestinal diseases, prostate cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer, bladder cancer and thyroid cancer, including parkinson’s disease.

this color was used as campaign against child abuse and bullying.

in manila, a senate committee chose this color blue for their ribbons signifying its oversight power to conduct investigations against corruptions, in aid of legislation, at the same time circumventing the definitions of the constitution itself.

like in the church, the infallibility of the senators is becoming a showcase of politicking, campaigning or propaganda of politicians using the funds and budgeted “pork” of the government, with the very obvious objective of staying in power or getting into power come next elections.

and Marilou Rausa Quicho, Raymond Ciruelos and Sarah M. San Juan read and liked the above, and probably unidentified others, heheheh!

the only reason why?  color blue is yellow with the ribbons of the akinos and kowangkos …

ang bughaw ay nagagawang dilaw sa utak ng mga utu-utung utistiks sa paghawak ng maling balangkas ng pamamahalang nagaya lamang sa pinamanang kabulastugan ng mga dayuhang banyaga  …

o, bathalang diyos ng mga diwata, panalangin po ng mga nilalang sa katagalugan na maibalik ang mga anito ng kanilang mga ninuno!

Evelyn Tuazon Enriquez …  Very smart talaga mga bata ngayon. Very seldom na akong makakita ng mahiyain.
What books have you read?
    1. Jill Pinga-Cruz's photo.
      Jill Pinga-Cruz's photo.
      Jill Pinga-Cruz's photo.
      mommy!! i finally baked something from scratch!! carrot cupcake ... i even googled how to make cream cheese frosting! there's hope yet! and the kids said its the best cupcake they've ever EVER tasted! hahahaha :)
      Jill Pinga-Cruz's photo.
      Jill Pinga-Cruz's photo.
      Jill Pinga-Cruz's photo.
      Jill Pinga-Cruz's photo.
      Jill Pinga-Cruz's photo.
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