460th blog … hindi nila alam ang merlion, askal at chihuahua! huhuhu!

… dalwa palang ang naaalagan ko dito – ang lasang aso o apdo at shit – tsu, ngayon stick na lang ako kay wanay! pero pagme bigay saken ng samoyed, tanggap ko na para magawang furcoat ni mamu ang balahibo nya! heheheh! ala din ang jack russel terrier alyas kulit at german shepherd na damba queen! heheheh ulit!

  • Tibetan Terrier

    the merlion – a mythical creature with a lion’s head and a mermaid’s body is a traditional trademark in singapore, 8.6-meter-tall statue and a 2-meter merlion cub fountain at one fullerton overlooking marina bay. A few steps behind this is a 2-meter Merlion cub fountain.

    high up sands sky park – on the 57th floor of this hotel-casino is an observation deck, 200 meters high where one gets a full view of the skyline of the central business district, plus a 150-meter infinity pool for hotel guests.

    the Singapore Flyer – that can give a panoramic view of malaysia and indonesia in the giant observation wheel lifts as high as 165 meters, with 28 air-conditioned capsules, each as large as a city bus and with enough room for 28 passengers, and a complete rotation which lasts about 32 minutes.

    gardens at the bay – tram tour of the land, three waterfront gardens, two conservatories, variety of mediterranean flora and subtropical plants at the flower dome, cloud forest and the sunset from the OCBC skyway.

    zoo hopping – in more than 300 species of birds, mammals and reptiles in settings patterned after their natural habitats, feeding kangaroos from hands, watch flying foxes dart over head, cross paths with ring-tailed lemurs and even have breakfast with free-ranging orangutans.

    the night safari on tram tours and walking trails seeing nocturnal species, the river safari on aquatic and terrestrial animals of the world’s most iconic rivers, including the amazon, mississippi, nile and yangtze, notedly the giant river otter, giant salamander, mekong giant catfish and giant pandas.

    the jurong bird park with a walk-in aviary with over 600 free-flying residents and dedicated sections for flightless and nocturnal species and birds of prey, including penguins play, flamingos strut and pelicans hunt.

    sentosa Island for outdoor recreation and leisure featuring three artificial white beaches, such as palawan string of shops and restaurants, siloso for outdoor activities and parties at bars by night and tanjong that is most tranquil and crowd-free stretches with romantic ambiance; the luge ride and the steep zip wires and free-fall parachute stimulator at the mega zip adventure park; and the famous cable car joyride in the transparent enclosures of this bi-cable gondola lift for excellent sightseeing.

    blast at universal studios

    night-life party at hippy clarke quay of five blocks of restaurants, clubs, live music spots and bars and floating pubs? They’re actually refurbished wooden boats, or try reverse bungee ride for a taste of adventure or go on a 30-minute leisurely cruise along the singapore river.

    feasting on chili crab and black pepper crab at east coast parkway for their chili crab fix or at jumbo seafood while looking at riverside point.

    Another must-try is the black pepper crab. This dish uses hard-shell crabs fried in black pepper. If you want to sample the original version, get a table at the Long Beach Seafood Restaurant. You could also make reservations at the famed Eng Seng Restaurant.

    orchard road – home to mostly upscale malls and boutiques.

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