6th blog … dear sir/madam, my dear wannabee! or batu-bato sa langit!



Photo: pre- noche buena with mamu and dada!My dear,

I can not but react on the comparison. Had it been that of a third person, I would not have felt the need to say this:    Good day to you, my dear.

I may have not voted nor participated in the last elections  just like you but I never make of another person’s unpopularity as a platform; trample on her personality just to feel good about my own achievements and be justified to “lift my own chair”  so to speak,  just like what you are clearly trying to achieve.

You even used false humility and empathy by saying you may have been on the same boat yet again,  only to shower yourself with praise. Classic.

You are an achiever, so you claimed, however I can sense that you do not have the real heart of a servant. You see, bitterness and the need for public…

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