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Tres Reyes Island Marine Reserve seen from Mount Malindig

During the earlier times, Marinduque was part of  Balayan Province Batangas province in the 16th century, Mindoro in the 17th century, and had a brief period as an independent province in 1900’s.

Marinduque was the first island to have concentration camps during world war II.

Marinduque is the site of the Battle of Pulang Lupa where 250 local soldiers defeated a a force of American Infantrymen.

There are claims that the archaic tagalog spoken in Marinduque is “the root from which modern forms have sprung”.

Marinduque natives speak an old variation of the Tagalog language that is very close to the way Tagalog was spoken before the colonial period.

Marinduque tagalog  is the most divergent, especially in eastern side, perhaps due to the relative distance from Luzon and also perhaps due to the influence of the muslim, visayan and bicol languages migrating to the island.


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