118th blog … para sa mga scammers, o manggagantso! … ni parasapinga


yesterday, native river dweller-inhabitants of the island of gold known as luzon welcomed the voyagers and travelers from overseas who came to lake of manila …

shared with them the wealth of their domain with the strangers in an extreme show of hospitality, trust, confidence  and goodwill …

the intruders going into the territory of the katagalugan brought with them variety of goods and produce from their individual native lands to barter in exchange for the golds of our native inhabitants …

thus, scammers of all types and kinds started to emerge courtesy of the these strangers …

first were the hindus, then the chinese, followed by muslims, visayans and kapangpanga who dominated the scenes of corruption and foul-plays in the coveted island, conniving with the crooked tagalog natives …

aptly continued and copied and pasted by the islanders themselves in their own culture, the spaniards, british and americans followed…

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