123rd blog … obm o dbm, pare-pareho lang! kina aquino-cojuangco at quezon na taba na baboy, utistik! …. heheheh!



The DBM dates back its institutional history to its birth as the Budget Commission on April 25, 1936 with the issuance of Executive Order No. 25 by commonwealth president Manuel L. Quezon.

The Budget Commission, under the President’s direct supervision and control, was a triumvirate composed of the Director of the Budget Office as Chairman and Executive Director, the Director of the Civil Service, and the Auditor General.

The passage of RA 992 on June 4, 1954 of Magsaysay abolished the triumvirate under EO 25, replacing it with the Office of the Budget Commissioner.

The law enhanced the role of the Budget Commission as the fiscal arm of the government.

Series of budget reforms were instituted prescribing the “form, content, and manner of preparing the budget” supposedly to strengthen the planning, programming, and budgeting linkages; and introduced a regionalized budget supportive of a region-based government structure.


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