127th blog … macario sakay and the true political history of katagalugan …


In philippine writings ,especially in the traditional textbooks, authentic historical events, personalities and realities are hardly mentioned, just to promote or enhance a certain frame of mind for a history that is devoid of factuality.

For the writers of these textbooks, the Filipino-American War ended in the capture of Emilio Aguinaldo and his swearing of allegiance to the American flag in 1901.

These chroniclers actually edited an indigenous history that was so factual if only their textbooks included prominently without any bias the sublime facts about the Magdiwang of the natural inhabitants of Katagalugan as against the mestizo Magdalo of Aguinaldo that massacred the originators of the true Katipunan.

The Magdalo group started the propaganda of deletion, addition and subtraction into the oblivion of the names and deeds of heroic leaders of the masses who continued the struggle from 1903-1907, except the promotion and propaganda for jose rizal.

The die-hard leaders…

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