130th ….. anona anyare? hehehehe! anone, anone?


… what happen now to the housing/building structures that were destroyed or completely dilapidated by the seige/bombings in zamboanga city by aquino authorities?

can they be rebuilt by “collateral damage” or “damage control”  or demolition control through pork? … heheheh!

me nagsabi:   ang DAP ni bnoy ay wala sa general appropriation budget … inimbento lang ng malakanyang kahit wala pang batas mula sa  congress! …  now, what?

will aquino be impeached by his own congress? ……  now, what?  impeachment cannot be done in the slippery senate floor due to pork and lard …..

can it happen in edsa that was being promoted as straight avenue or daang matuwid for progress and decency? … nagtatanong lang po! …

mag-umpisa na tayong lahat na magbilang ng sandamukal na mga trilyung-trilyong piso ng mga timawang pilipino malaon ng hilung-hilo! …. heheheh!

sabi ni pareng bernas sa pork ng presidente … “i don’t know…

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