140th blog … movie trip … trip trip lang!


… movie trip continuous …

aware – all about anesthesia awareness, a medical paranormal of injecting fluid that makes the body numb, without pain yet you become aware of everything around …

to know the secrets of conspiracy amongst the greedy including a wife against a mother and her son … it happens in actual llife! …

… the roads to el paso, del rio, temple, even san antonio and houston showed no country for old men … violence was the only cure for the oxygen tank as it explodes the air with terminal intent, even in the desire sand hotel …

dopes and money are the evil dreams …. but the road from el paso through las cruces to albuquerque is the truth as cruz and pinga climbed the peak of sandia, heheheh!

.. the devil’s advocate talks about god which look but no touch, touch but no taste…

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