142nd blog …. conspiracy on fluoride?!? ayaw nyong maniwala!?! ….


matagal-tagal na rin tayong gumagamit ng toothpaste na may fluoride …

ito kaya ang dahilan kung bakit kilala ang mga pinoy na flip?!? studies show fluoride in water causes illnesses and lowers I.Q. daw, o isa namang conspiracy ni monsanto!?!

The governments of the world and the American Dental Association (ADA) have done a great job convincing the public that fluoride in the water is good and necessary for teeth – especially children’s teeth.

However, numerous studies show this chemical byproduct is waste material and definitely causes illnesses and lowers I.Q. Children are particularly susceptible.

Fluoride has been classified as a drug and is the only drug added to the water supply. This severely violates informed consent, the right to take or not take a drug and certainly the right not to be forced to take one or be ignorant of it.

It has been noted that the profit motive intervened…

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