143rd blog …. about yolanda typhoon, political tycoons at conspiracies nadi matapus-tapos ng mga taong may tipos!


… Manuel (Mar) Roxas III, being groomed by Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino as the next president of the philippines, explained that nothing can be fast enough in a situation like the one he is coordinating now.

By the way, Corina Sanchez of ABS CBN, has been busy in television appearances for the media set-up of a presidential campaign for his husband Mar. Roxas was in Tacloban a day before typhoon Yolanda landed in Guiuan, Leyte.

But what kind of preparation did Mar for a tragedy like Yolanda? and his boss, Benigno Simeon?

The two, who are educated economists, knew that bottled fluorinated water supply, for example, is brought to the social welfare warehouse, presumably for accounting and preliminary storage then to the community supposedly.

Disaster preparedness just because a president of the republic was right there in the area of calamity?  Aquino is the president so he is the government, and…

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