147th blog … baul ng mga sinaunang salita ng mga taga-ilog


agusan …  “where the water flows”, an old province in mindanao

    akiyan …  “where there is boiling/frothing” referring to the Aklan River
  • albay…  shortened form of the phrase al baybay,  “by the shore” shortened to Albay for bicolanos

hamtik …  species of large red ants, hispanized to Antique for kinaray-a.

  • apayaw … for “negotiable river” in area inhabited by the Isneg.
  • basi balan … for magnetic iron referring to the rich iron ore deposits found in an area shortened to Basilan
  • batan … a word  for the land bridge circling a bay, now referred as Bataan,  batan also referred to cluster of islands called as Ivatan strangers in the land.
  • batang…  in reference to the trunks of logged trees in kalumpang river …  transformed to the name Batangas  … other old names  include Bombon, Balayan and  Kumintang, now part of a city known today as Batangas.
  • bingit…  hispanicized to bengget or benguet

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