153rd blog … baybayin ng pinga … parasapinga


… baybayin on philippine coins …

… and the people are asking why baybayin “Pi” on 10 peso coin? Is  it relevant? and why worn on the neck of andres bonifacio?  the existing central bank do not know why but we ought know the real reason why …

… then, there was an attempt from an inutile one in california who has not even gone to the small island of catalina to help clear up the innocent minds by saying: …  

“Pi probably represents Pilipino. It’s not just that specific coin. The Pi is also on the few others as well. It’s pretty small … “‘ and this one that says  “this symbol appears also in 25 cents” …

and so on and so forth, all of them guessing on something they really do not know even an iota of a thing in their picayune minds … oh, that…

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