154th blog … pilipitnas na kulang-kulang sa utak ayon sa mga dayuhang nagsabatas!


Probably at the start of the third century, the archipelago that was made known by the west in the 15th-16th century as yslas de felipinas, had been under free trade relationships with the Hindu-Malayan empires in Sumatra, Indochina, and Borneo, and then with the chinese succeeding dynasties.

Shortly after 1400, mohammedanism was introduced to the visayas and mindanao islands, and for more than one hundred years this faith was persistently introduced to no avail to the inhabitants of Luzon who remained loyal to their own ancestors.

Subsequently, the Japanese tried to establish control over northern luzon, although very loosely,  with the intention of maintaining a trading post at Aparri, on the north tip of the island.

European interest in luzon followed through with the visit of a spanish expedition in 1521 under magellan of portugal in the visayas and gave visayas its name as st. lazarus, then islas de felipe…

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